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Macro Focus Stacking/Image Stacking Tutorial-How To Do Close-up Digital Photography

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  1. Very nice and fine videos, I have watched and learned a lot, especially the macrophotography. Thank you.

  2. Hi Tony… A little bit of help here..
    I am having a sony A58 and want to try Macro photography, But as i am a little low on budget as of now so not planning to buy a macro lens.
    So if you can please help me to choose in extension tubes and close-up filters.

    I have these two options for A58:-

    Extension Tubes:-

    Close-up Filters:-

    Please help me out here and also if there are any cons of both of them against each other.
    No doubt i am not comparing actual macro lens here because as of now i dont have any plan to buy any.

    Moreover if you can help me out with any other better product(Because i have read that close-up filters can create issues with lense if not used of proper quality) in both of these categories then it will be very helpfull.

    Thanks in Advance!

  3. It would be cool if they could make a process similar to bracketing like this in the camera, you set the start and end point and it takes shots at a preset distance interval between the two.

  4. Hi Tony, I tried stacking, afterwards I am not able to paint on the layer masks to correct the mistakes made by PS. Can you please tell me what I am doing wrong

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  6. Excellent tip .. will try this ! (+1)
    (The Moire was not too bad either) :)

  7. hi Tony I want to get in to macro photography . can you tell me is it possible to focus stack with Lightroom 4 or elements 12 ?

  8. Jon Page (Alpacallama)

    "take your shot" 
    direct, strong eye contact

    made me laugh, but really good vid, thank you!

  9. Thanks for sharing… it helps a lot

  10. Very cool!

  11. Brennan Caverhill

    Very informative, thank you!

  12. I'm 

  13. what do you do when you have some parts of the image blurry?

  14. AWESOME! THANK YOU SO MUCH! I Bought your book a few weeks ago and finally have the time to read!

  15. Hi tony is this possible using elements 12?

  16. Thanks

  17. Another fantastic video Tony.  Question, I assume you'd shoot these in RAW format.  Would you process all the images in Camera RAW before this process or in Photoshop using adjustment masks?  Thanks again…

  18. Can the stacking process be done in Photoshop Essentials?

  19. Mellor Brothers - GoPro

    'Gimp' is, in my opinion, by far the best photoshop alternative 🙂

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