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Lightroom CC – Cropping Images

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  1. When you crop a photo what happens to the original photo? I couldn't find. I thought LR never changed the original. Next time a made a virtual copy.

  2. I've never watched one of your training videos when I didn't take away something that I hadn't previously known. Thanks for your clear and concise explanations.

  3. Cool. Didn't know about snapping the crop vertical / horizontal. Thanks.

  4. Quick question – and this is something not covered in this video but might be covered by a later one. When setting the rotation when the crop function is active you can use the Control key to drag the horizon across the image. 

    Is it possible to use that function when you are zoomed in on the image? 

    Sometimes you only have part of the image which is guaranteed to be straight in real life. Not being able to zoom in and straighten on that part only makes it very difficult to judge whether it actually straight. 


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