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Let your model stand out: Lighting and cropping your glamour photo – model photography

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  1. Another option would be to take a separate shot to expose for the background perfectly without the model and then take the shot with the model with HER exposed properly and then blend them in two layers into PS to bring her into the good background so you have the best of both worlds. the best way is in camera and use flash to do it right the first time but the merged option help when there is too much extreme contrast from subject and background

  2. Great advice as always Cousin Michael. I agree with your edit and comments. Thanks for all your help to the photo community

  3. parabéns excelente photo explicação

  4. This was very useful, thank you. You also hit on a great way of rapidly simulating different lighting techniques. Taking existing images then using the brush tool to show the effects that different lighting options produces results faster than spending two or three days in a studio. Love the videos. Thanks again.

  5. The tight cropping, just doesn't work for me too it doesn't leave any breathing space on the top of the head, it is unbalance for me

  6. agree with the bit on the lighting, agree with the bit on removing the object on the left, but cannot agree with the tight cropping, just doesn't work for me, it doesn't leave any breathing room on the top of the head, it is unbalance for this picture.

  7. I have been learning photography for less than one year. You seem to be the most down to earth…honest and practical help for amatuer photographers on youtube. I have learned so much, that I have completely amazed my friends from shots that I owe to your ensight on flash photograghy.

  8. You have an Instagram account?

  9. I think possibly a silver reflector alone would have helped plenty. The cropping you did I admit was a good idea. That flower vase was the star of the image too much.

  10. '' I agree in this point!''

  11. Those wonky verticals were so distracting for me. Everything was leaning to the one side.

  12. Good advice, cousin Michael, Keep up the good work . . . !
    In my opinion, during the photoshoot a reflector to light  the model and recompose the furniture to make dynamic balance of elements, and of course make the girl stand out would be a good idea . . .

  13. Good points, but honestly, this would be 100-times easier if the photographer just put a speedlight with umbrella to camera left.  I didn't like the gradient, but I know you were very limited with quick-fix options.  Still giving great suggestions for things to be aware of!  Keep the videos coming!

  14. hey!  What is that loupe tool you brought up that is similar to Apple Aperture's?  I've never seen that in lightroom before.


  15. Always enjoy watching you work your magic.

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