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Lesson 8.2 – White Balance in the camera (Photography Tutorial)

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  1. very use full and simple, please continue.

  2. Ahh! I always learn SO much! Thank you for doing these! You are amazing! 😀 ♥

  3. Been following you and taking notes and you have bn a good teacher to me
    If you were near I would give you a bunch of flowers to expres my happines bt seens thats is not posble I just wish u well
    May God bless u more and more 

  4. Very good

  5. This will depend on the style of photographers. Some may just leave the lighting as it is if their style is journalistic. While others will correct a lighting (say ballroom to neutral) in post processing. 

  6. Hi, I like your tutorial very much… It's very comprehensive, and easily to understand… Thanks and more power…

  7. hi Oksana, thank you for your video, now i learned more WB… I just wanna ask regarding the Gray Card, are you going to take shot of the gray card once only or before every subject?? im just confused . =)

  8. Edna Gisela Urrego Piñeros

    Fantastic tutorials! I am trying to set my WB PRE with a white paper, but it doesnt work. The camera cant focus, what should I do?

  9. Oksana Tulloch Photography is your page?

  10. good teacher

  11. you are a good teacher, even i'm not in English i can understand easily. Thank you so much.

  12. Thank you so much. I love the use of sample pictures in various mode. Picture means a thousand words. Great job.

  13. Great tutorial on WB. Your tutorials are easy to follow and understand! Thanks!!!

  14. Thank you !!! All of your videos are great !!!!

  15. Thank you teacher! all of your videos are Very clear,

  16. We did not sumrise everythinh we learned today!! :/

  17. Hi George Lenz …. Try using the white sheet instead of grey card , and use the custom auto balance mode and take the shot like mentioned in the part 1 of the tutorial . I also had this issue . Its better not to use the flash mode , use the custom mode , take a white sheet instead of grey and take the shot with flash on to set the custom shot , and then take the shot normally with flash . Please try this way also . It worked fine for me actually … Give it a try ..

  18. Your videos gets better n better as i watched it. Thanks I'm learning a lot :). Love your accent

  19. I just want to say thank you for putting the time to do this videos. I've learned a lot.

  20. Thank you Oksana, do you have a facebook and/or twitter account ??
    i would like to follow you there

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