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Lesson 8.1 – White Balance in the camera (Photography Tutorial)

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  1. Well done. Love your tutorials.

  2. I really enjoy your tutorials. They are very helpful and not too technical. Thank you.  

  3. Extremely useful, thank you.  It seems to me that using the grey-card (custom white-balance) can be thought of as the "full manual" mode of white-balance, and useful to think of the "kelvin" settings as a "semi-manual" mode.  Finally, to think of all other White Balance modes such as fluorescent, flash, incandescent etc as "auto" white balance modes.

  4. Hi, thanks for the teachings. Its been so great, l have learnt alot of new stuff from ur teachings but l will like to ask a question. How do you set your white balance when your subject is far from you and you don't have access to be close to the subject but still want the subject to look natural?

  5. My pleasure.I will come Facebook and site.I want a t-shirt but im from Turkey (:

  6. That would be great! Thanks!

  7. I will recommend your this all lesson videos my Blog friends.So many friend beginner.
    Thanks again

  8. This is why I like watching your video because your not only explaining by words you also explaining using pictures how to do it, very well explain thank you for sharing us your video

  9. You mean that if you set your WB to 9900k WB your color temp is yellowish where as at 2500K its bluish? Think this way: if you set your camera WB to 9900k, it will be compensating for blue color cast, so it will add yellow to the photo. And if you set your camera to 2500K, it will be compensating for yellow color cast, so it will add blue to the photo.

  10. i have Sony Alfa35 DSLR…. at 9900k WB my color temp is yellowish where as at 2500 its bluish… but you said opposite of that while describing Kelvin.. please enlighten me

  11. what a wonderful teacher you are. Can't stop watching ur lesson. So easy to understand. BRAVO

  12. Thinking of get One camera as a beginner,any suggestions?Thank…

  13. You are welcome!

  14. yes, it is the same

  15. You are welcome!

  16. Yes, I would think it white balance issue. You probably had it set to something like tungsten white balance, where camera adds blue to compensate for yellow.
    So yes, check your white balance.

  17. I took pictures outside and they were very blue. What would be the biggest cause is it a white balance issue?

  18. Francis Karamutsa

    hi easyexposure!!! in different camera the white balance is the same?

  19. from easyexposure tutorils i learnt a lot. i am highly thankful to you.

  20. sorry for my English can i ask? what can i do if my flash in my digital slr doesn't want i can open the flash but when i will take a picture the flash doesn't want. what can i do?

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