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Lesson 3 – ISO (Tutorial about Photography)

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  1. Wonderful , thanks fo the help

  2. Thank you, As I understand the Aperture is Something that we can set standard in highest number, only for special close up photographie we need to use it lower, then Shutter spead most remain the highest possible only on special time at shooting n the night with lights we can use it lower to catch the motion of moving lighs effects and the Iso need to remain lower possible, only in sport our Inside night clubs we can use it higher to give more lights… correct me?

  3. Thank you soo much Roxanna!!
    The videos are veryyy informative and easy to understand!!
    Respect! :)

  4. Love your lessons! THANK YOU ! Its very useful for beginner like me !

  5. thank you very much ! great

  6. SSTrueLoveMarinus

    Well explained! Just what I wanted to know. Liked and subscribed!

  7. Very good  tutorials, learn a lot from this,
    Can u tell me what is the best ISO, F nr, in daysunny light, shoot a photo. waiting for reply tnks.

  8. Superbe …

  9. You are very helpful. :D

  10. 3:093:14 i didnt quite understand what you said ma'm. Could you please tell me what you said. Im not trying to be disrespectful or anything. I really love your videos and i am learning a lot from them. I will be waiting for your reply. Thank you ma'm.

  11. Thank you so much for this videos I am learning a lot :)

  12. very good, much appreciate

  13. Rakesh Anand Bakshi


  14. Hi! I usually get tons of emails a day and sometimes don't have time to reply them all. If you have question about photography, please post your question on Easy Exposure Photo forum. Thanks.

  15. i really like your presentation its really heplful like me as a beginners…hope you can give me one on one tororial

  16. hi i have a d3100 i send an email in your account wondering if you receive it?thanks and have agood day

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