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Karl Taylor – Product Photography Hack!

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  1. Thank you Karl , for taking your time to explain how this is done and proving another wannabe fool to be just that , a fool. ….

  2. To all the Karl Taylor trolls: "Hater's gonna hate, ain'ter gonna ain't"

  3. Thank you for that demonstration Karl. I'm one of those inexperienced photographers who was holding back cause i didnt think it was possible with what little equipment i have to produce those type of images. Much appeeciated.

  4. This is why I like watching ( and learning from ) Karl Taylor's videos .
    He is a genius .

  5. reminds me when I was in Photo school 45 years ago. nice.

  6. HaHa, It's hard to believe people think gear can make great photos.  Only a Highly skilled photographer with talent is the only thing that can take great photos.  Equipment has nothing to do with great photography.  Give a skilled talented photographer a cheap DSLR and cheap assessories, and they will take great photos.  Likewise, a no skilled under talented photographer with the best gear will always present boring snapshots.

  7. "That's a great photo! What camera do you have?" We've all been there :)

  8. Man, that was spectacular! Amazing!

  9. Dale Strickland-Clark

    Good clear instruction. BUT: The proof of the pudding is in the eating. The proof isn't in the pudding.

  10. thanks a lot, it is useful knowledge

  11. Thanks Karl. Great tutorial! Proof was indeed in the pudding. I like how you've really brought your tutorials down to earth and show off pro techniques with a more lo-fi set up. Goes to prove that when it comes down to great photography, equipment shouldn't get in the way of knowledge and talent. A lot of pro-tubers rattle on about the best this and best that; it's nice – but a great photographer, high-end tech does not make.

  12. IncludeAdvertisement

    Wow, this is just amazing! Looks so easy and yet so brilliant!

  13. Great Tutorial. This is truly the best way to learn lighting Technics.

  14. Daweisstebescheid

    thank you, your voice is easy to understand for me as a german ????????

  15. Like a boss

  16. I started using Squarespace 6 months ago, a little too late on the discount code lol. I love how clean its templates look. Bluehost overcharged me a LOT on accident and took me months to get it back, then they tried to re-charge after I fixed it. I have to wait for my domain to expire with them, or pay someone to negotiate it, which is a pain.
    I still consider myself an amateur, and do all of my photography with available light. But I always love DIY lighting setups. I believe if you start with bottom end equipment and master it, moving up to pro equipment doesn't buy you skill, but gives you more control. I started with some 3mp HP digital camera that had a 15 minute battery life, Then Panasonic TS1, My first DSLR Canon XTi, and now I've had my 5DmkII for a few years. The average person couldn't tell the difference between my XTi with silver ring lenses and my 5DmkII with red ring lenses, hell I still suggest it as a great camera to beginners because they go for $100 or less used, but to me it's the control.

  17. The Post Color Blog (Dave's Tuts)

    I've known this all along (that equipment can help, but an understanding of light is much more important) – so I didnt learn so much here. HOWEVER, thank you for making this video as visual proof that you can do this without spending tons of cash. As you said, there is no excuse (in this case, for people to blame equipment for their shots not coming out looking as they wish)

  18. Great inspirational video. Keep them coming:)

  19. Working with non LED lights and modifiers can create a fire hazard if you are using paper as a snoot. Plus foamcoar does not like a lot of heat either. Back in my early days of photography before the pop up soft box we used to make them out of foamcoar and I used one with a 1K once and it started to catch on fire.

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