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iON Air Pro Lite + WiFi Action / Helmet Camera – REVIEW

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  1. you talk to much

  2. What about the sound ? Is the microphone any good ??

  3. Can this be powered from an external source such as plugged into a cars power supply or run from a bicycle dynamo and an E-Werk?

  4. Can you plug a microphone into the AV outlet?

  5. I just bought this camera the other day. is there a way to use an external mic?

  6. This device should be interesting as a car dashcam, considering the low price of used ones at ebay :)

  7. No video footage in low light?

  8. So, to confirm, you can't alter the settings without the wifi podz? If that's true why sell it without.

  9. WHAT?! No viewfinder???!!!

  10. This camera sucks. I bought one months ago it was glitchy and would not communicate, I replaced it and then the new one had problems with "auto rotate" feature. I ended up taking it back to the store for good.
    The other day I saw it on sale for $80 so I got it again and now it would not communicate with my pc and the wifi module does not come on. The website only offers the downloads for Mac, nothing for PC from the web support. Terrible website with pages on ERROR 404

    My wife went to get it replaced right now, I will try again and test it to the full extent of its features, I will give up on ION if this one fails too.

  11. I recently scratched my ion air pro lens, is it possible to replace the lens. If so, does any one know where I can buy a replacement??

  12. HOW can I reduce wind noise? No matter where or how I mount it wind is all I can hear… any DIY tips I can do to solve this

  13. Is there a way to make the ion air pro save only the full hd videos, instead of both fhd and hd?

  14. Is the wifi attachment waterproof?

  15. Hugo Oliveira (AceTeck)

    Hey, Is the ion battery built in? and in long time can the battery start lose capacity just like  It happens with batteries of cell phones?

  16. i do think it's to expensive for that when i can get Sj4000 Wifi at Half of the prive .

  17. shame its not windows mobile compatable

  18. Does it record in loop or it stops when memory card is full?

  19. Mike's Tips, Tricks & Reviews

    I am looking for a secondary camera to supplement my GoPro Hero 4 Silver that doesn't break the bank. My first choice is the Hero 3 White for $199 since a lot of the Hero 4 accessories will work with the Hero 3 White. My 2nd choice is this ION Air you just reviewed….however it just looks awkward to use? My last choice is the Sony Action Cam HDR-AS30V which I do not know much about but it does have good reviews. If you had to choose which camera would you choose as a secondary camera? Thanks! Good review of the ION!!!

  20. hillbillydualsport

    Very cool!

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