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In-Camera Digital Double Exposure Tutorial

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  1. Benjaman Pollhein

    Absolutely brilliant. Your photos blew me away and I've attempted to do the same today with very exciting results. Thank you so much for the awesome tutorial, and keep on taking awesome images. 😀 (for the record, I did this with my Fujifilm X T1.)

  2. Is liveview a pretty standard feature when it comes to cameras with double exposure? I'm looking at the K-50 but feel like the liveview on your canon is a necessary feature for the best shots

  3. Babybauch und Neugeborenenfotografie

    <3 thank you dear, great video!

  4. Nice. Just a question though: why is it that only the dark areas get filled with the second image and the light area is left out?

  5. Do you happen to know how to do this on a Canon 70D?

  6. It is possible using Canon 700D?

  7. Nice tutorial, but the music was very distracting and too loud when you were speaking

  8. Wonderfully clear, thanks!

  9. Thank you!

  10. holy crap this is awsome! Thanks a lot!

  11. Gabrielle Steberis

    can you do this on a canon 500D please? :)

  12. It is possible using Canon 650D ? or just the hi-tech like Mark series ?

  13. While doing it in post is more flexible and more controlling, I just doesn't quite capture the raw capture of doing it manually in camera like how you showed us. Thank you so much for this simple and brief tutorial on how to do it on a 5D Mark III. Informative, simple explanation, and right to the point. Excellent!

  14. Thanks for sharing!!!

  15. your photos are great SaraK. I really like the one in your slideshow at the beginning with the groomsmen and bridesmaids! Thank you for the tutorial.

  16. Fantastic !!! Did not even know that my camera had this feature. And in addition stunning good tips from a smart, talented and beautiful woman. thank you!!!

  17. tks for video!!!!

  18. hey good! te mando un abrazo desde cali – colombia.

  19. Thank you for the video! Is helping me alot!!! :D

  20. How do i save photos for double exposure later?

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