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How to shoot reverse lens macro photography

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  1. I have a canon 1200D. When I try to detach lense to reverse it aperture drops to 0. Can you please help how to lock it?

  2. I have a reverse ring for my Nikon D3200 with the kit lens (18-55).. However when I mount the lens reverse I cannot see anything through the viewfinder… Please tell me what I could b doing wrong.. Need help..

  3. Awesome movie,very helpful thank you. Will definitely try it one day.

  4. Jaikangam Malangmei

    Reader/ Viewer make sure you shoot in manual mode.. If you are not in manual mode it will say Lens is not attached.

  5. where can i find the reverse ring ?

  6. yea there is a little switch on the bottom you can adjust with your fingers, you have zero control and almost always want your lens wide open.

  7. Is it possible with a modern lens, without a aperture changing ring, to adjust the aperture? Is it possible to set in on your camera to f8 for example and than make a foto, will the lens 's aperture stay on that aperture when you disconnect it or will it just turn wide open again?

  8. Just test the lenses your got.
    I know that the more wide angle you use, so how lower your focal lenght, 28mm or lower than 28mm in your case, the more macro you get but than it is very difficult to get a sharp image.

  9. Hi please reply :)))) i bought a nikon 28 mm 2.8f AF lens. Would that lens be good for macro photography when its reversed?

  10. well, thomas shahan use that

  11. I think it should be fine. However, you'd essentially lose control of aperture if it is in your lens, if your lense has a aperture ring then you're fine!.

  12. Great tutorial. Have you done the math on the magnification?

  13. greaaaaaaaaaaaaat i've tryed it and its excellent and sharp

  14. I wonder if you could use extension tubes on a reversed macro lens? Lol. Seems like it would be overkill!

  15. will it be fine if i use a 18-105mm lens ?

  16. Revers ring give you grater magnification than 1:1 ……????

  17. blackberrythememe

    His lens has an aperture ring, although there is a trick to change the aperture if your lens doesn't have one. Your lens will have a lever on the back which controls the aperture. Just pull it to your desired aperture and wad a piece of paper in there 😀 thats what i do and many others..

  18. how did you change the f stop when the camera and lens are not communicating?

  19. It's a trying way to do macro. No control and no focus control to speak of.

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