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How to Photograph Real Estate, Architecture, and Interiors Tutorial with Mike Kelley

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  1. This needs way more dislikes

  2. Right from the start "I don't wanna to show it exactly how it looks"
    Do you have an idea how people get upset and unpleased just for the fact that when they get to the place and they realize that it's nowhere like they saw on the internet or book?
    It's not about how you want, it's about how your customers wish… maybe if you are doing as an artwork, advertising your style and work…but in the end, you have to adapt to the customer's needs.

  3. I wish so much I could accomplish something even partially like this. I try so hard but it doesn't work :(:(

  4. Juliana Haesbaert

    really nice

  5. Kinda lame that this video misleads viewer into thinking it's a tutorial.  And what's with these dramatic interviews from his friends/colleagues?

  6. Kenneth Strickland

    Drop your price to 30 US Dollars and I'd consider it….

  7. Marion j Dickerson

    Forgive me for loving elegance but I do… house doesn't have to be huge but openness is. Must.. http://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/s/ref
    =are you saying now I'm just imaging it…. okay sounds like what I expected. 

  8. Svein Arne Grønnevik

    This is NOT a tutorial.  It is an advert for a tutorial DVD.  🙁  Maybe a good DVD, but I will not buy anything from some liars.

  9. Infomercial…. 

  10. That eyes 😀 You really need to be a freak i guess

  11. Just get a good camera and set auto,you will be impressed with the results…

  12. IlsonBoy AKA Calisnaps

    Advert, not a tutorial.

  13. 8 hours! Are you mad? I rather just teach myself for free like Mike.

  14. $300?! I don't think so.

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