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How to Photograph Kids, Babies, Children: A Portrait Tutorial

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  1. this photographer is really good. i like how calm and in control she was even when she was working out her settings. nice to see how the pro's do it.

  2. I worked alot and never really found an intrest in
    what I do.

  3. i love watching this video it makes me feel AWESOME ahah i find it entertaining

  4. WOW, watching your older videos is weird, you look so young 😉 (and the sound is so bad ;])

  5. David Darren Betts-Hollinrake

    For those quick photo's from your mobile device try the new baby focus and capture each moment easily https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/573088777/the-baby-focus

  6. Just the Albrights

    Love this! My son slept through his entire newborn shoot. He probably opened his eyes once. He peed and pooped too. It takes a lot of patience. Now I have 2 toddlers and it's SO hard! Going to try these tips.

  7. best tutorial for me!! just moved me one step up from basic!! thank you!!!

  8. Great video. Love the frog hop. Why ISO 200? I usually shoot ISO 100. My understanding is that the higher the ISO the more distortion. Maybe a little higher ISO adds something good. Please educate me.

  9. Thank you for your tips and helpful advice, portrait photography is something I'm interested in, I've also purchased your stunning digital book, I like how you both explain everything easily. looking forward to reading your book 😊

  10. "How to Photograph Kids, Babies and Children" – That title is just cringe worthy. The video is much better though. 

  11. Total nonsense

  12. Great video, Samantha is a natural! Good technique and style, I love shooting outdoors.

  13. I loved this video! 🙂 may I ask what lens you are using?

  14. when kids are sitting still seems straight forward but taking photos of  kids jumping  on a trampoline in an indoor jumping room I find quite challenging. What do you suggest? 

    Here is what I experienced so far .
    The room is about 120 feet by 40feet. There are three long rectangular trampolines with  dim light (seems to be tungsten not sure), that leads to about a 45degree slope the kids run up and down with no light in that area. The place is located on the seventh floor with one area that has a glass background,not bad at night, because I would like to catch a view of the lights in the distance, but during the day is another challenge because of the brightly light background that blows things out, I set up for one exposure but ,the kids arent models and dont sit still. Using an 18-200 , Tried to shoot with off camera flash using a soft box and then a snoot with an assistant that pointed the flash at the kids as they ran along the flat portion and up the slope and I ran to position myself, but flash to subject keeps changing and hard to keep up with the changing movement. some over exposed and some under, and some the assistant missed the flash because the kids are constantly moving or as the kids are moving they run at the flash and overexpose,  Tried rear curtain , but the kids change speed and run from a moderately light area into a dark area, and visa versa. was also able to freeze the kids in the up motion when jumping , but not able to get that good  separation. It is a little frustrating , everything is changing the light the kids moving, not sure what to do.  My future plans are to stay in one place and wait for the kids to run by , instead of chasing. Or try a stroboscopic with multiple flashes and then do some post processing to make it more of a stroboscopic look like they do with the skiers or snowboarders,,,,,,,,What do you think????    Maybe if we figure this out could do a you tube learning episode on your site. 

  15. Love the educational tips, from you guys, about taking portraits…photography is just a hobby of mine

  16. What is the reason – outside girl, does not use a flash at all? Is there a few good reasons or would it be improved with a flash? the reflector I understand and I think needed more. 
    I really enjoyed the video, just have this question! thanks!
    Love the bag strap.

  17. Friedhelm Rosenau

    She does have a great connection with the kids.

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