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How to Photograph Flying Birds: shutter speed, aperture, focus mode, exposure, and lighting

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  1. I don't get the spot metering recommendation. If the spot lands on a black area of a bird the exposure will be completely different to if the spot lands on a white area of the bird. E.G Magpie

  2. You've recommended shutter priority because a fast shutter speed is desirable. I'd suggest aperture priority for the same reason. With aperture priority and your widest aperture, the camera will select the fastest shutter speed consistent with the conditions. On the other hand, if you select shutter priority at 1/1000 second, it could be that you could have used 1/2000 second, or it could be that you'll underexpose because you don't have a wide enough aperture to accommodate that shutter speed. Using aperture priority would address both those situations. The problem with auto ISO is that it may not go as high as you want. Test your equipment and determine how high is acceptable to you. Use that ISO.

  3. u mean shutter speed 1000 ?

  4. Great video! What camera did you use with the 500mm f/4?

  5. Jeyaseelan Sothibalan

    so good

  6. Hi. How can I take picture of a flying butterfly ?
    I have LUMIX FZ 1000

  7. Bradley bishop-woods

    I.S.O not EZU or what ever you said!

  8. I too got some good experience about birds thx 

  9. Thanks, Tony, and if you can find time to answer this: Canon 5d mark iii also has these 6 cases which make the autofocus react differently to moving objects, which case /settings would you use for birds, if you are familiar with this particular camera?

  10. Thanks, Tony.  I was using all manual settings and was having problems with exposure as the falcon rose above the mountain background and then came back down.  I will try shutter priority, check the spot metering, and see how that works. Nice to see your easy video.  Bonnie Northrup Barbey, just by coincidence.

  11. Quick question you might have some insight on… I can't seem to get very sharp images shooting my 7D Mark ii with my 70-200mm F2.8L with the new 2x converter from Canon.  Do you think that combination is just not good for the Mark ii's sensor or am I missing something?  Im shooting ISO 400-640, handheld, at around 1/1000 and faster.

  12. BTW – Got your book "Stunning Digital Photography " as a present. Great present. Great book. Simple. Clear. It really helps. Thanks!!!!!!

  13. I use a bridge camera for bird pics. They turn out great. I was wondering what your comments would be about using bridge cameras in general.

  14. Very helpful. Thanks

  15. Thanks Tony this is going to help me out a bunch.

  16. Thanks a lot Tony, this was short, brief and to the point. I will try this soon using Shutter Priority and the shutter speed you recommended.

  17. hello I want you to do a weird comparison between (canon 7d mark i + ef-s 18-135 + ef 70-200mm f / 4) vs (pentax k3 + pentax 18-135mm + pentax 60-250mm f / 4)

  18. just got 7d mark 2 
    pleasehelp how do you get 1/1000 of a second on your camera 
    i will be using 400 f5.6 on the 7d mark 2 so will than mean i got a 580 mm lens ?
    and iso should be about 400 in good light ? and i suppose iso you make higher if it gets darker ? 

  19. With 51 Auto Focus points , 55 – 300 lens and a Nikon , fairly inexpensive Nikon D7100, will get the best bird Shots in flight

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