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How to Photograph Fireworks Tips, Tricks, Exposure Settings

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  1. The setting will eventually change. It all depends how much action is going on with the fireworks. You can easily go over F:11. I've had shot of F:22 since there way too much action and I was using bulb. This way I controlled what I wanted in the picture. :)

  2. WOW! I'm in love!

  3. check out my long exspoure on fireworks 


  4. Great tips Angela, will try them out November 5th on our Guy Fawkes night. Will check out your other vids so please keep up the great work!

  5. Set your camera to manual mode and change the shutter speed as slow as you can, after the 30", it'll change to BULB, you'd see the word. Now you're in BULB mode. That works for the Canon. I don't know about other camera brands. Good luck!

  6. My camera din have ' B ' function

  7. You are very beautiful and talented, I like your works.

  8. nice tips, you are so beautiful

  9. You are beautiful 3

  10. In the most flattering way possible. 🙂

  11. Hi. Take a look at USA Today from 5 July. It's what AFP photographer, Paul Richards did to make the front page picture. Off course, he also used a 600mm lens to compress things a bit. 🙂

  12. Angela B Pan Photography

    Thanks! My view of the fireworks this year didn't really call for this technique. Hopefully next year 🙂

  13. Angela B Pan Photography

    Did you just call me a foxy camera nerd?

  14. Not to be a perv, but where are all the other foxy camera nerds out there? I have dreams where I talk to my date about bokeh and motion blur… Neat video. I just spent the evening waving sparklers in front of my wide angle at 3 in the morning. Neighbors wondering why I'm doing interpretive dance that early in the morning.

  15. Angela, I've used the Bulb-cover your lens with foam core technique for many years. It works great. The result is that your pictures are filled with fireworks rather than just the one grouping. Of course, you only get a few chances to do this. If you make the picture, it's wonderful. If you don't…

  16. Your camera focusing is really bad, you really need a need camera.

  17. Angela B Pan Photography

    Thanks so much, Bill! Hopefully these tips will help you get the firework pics you are looking for.

  18. Angela, I just watched your video on taking firework photos. I have never had great luck taking firework photos. So I am going to try some of the tips from your video. Thanks. Keep up the good work!

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