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How To Photograph A Beer Bottle/Product Photography

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  1. excellent video… thanx for ur explain.. how u can take video shoot.. any products .. more thane by I phone or any smart phone.. how can I keep my details in pictures.. what since I make my pictures professionals.. thanx ????

  2. great video

  3. What were your camera settings in this video?

  4. Robinsson Cravents

    I can get the same result with window light and 2 soft box
    this scene configuration are really very complex and expensive

  5. Noor Deen Anwar Din

    Kuala Lumpur background?

  6. Wow!!! thanks for share your tutorials!!! nice one!! very powerfull!!

  7. I like your photography video.

  8. WOW. Thanks for this tutorial. I am learning a lot from you guys. I am a big fan of fstoppers.

    A request. Please do a tutorial on photoshop how you put the hall think together? This is regarding the bear bottles.

    Kind regards.


  9. At the first glance I thought it was Avicii with a beard.
    Interesting video, I learned some new stuff ^^

  10. Hey guys im having trouble finding glycerin i think this may be it i just need confirm that it is

  11. save nine minutes of your life…4 point lighting (as seen in 30 seconds), hang some flashes in white canvas shopping bags (cheaper than flash disks) good to go.. now go take some pictures you whores.

  12. hi, can I use continuous lights to get same effect..since they have better control?

  13. Allinsons Photography
  14. Some magic happening here.

  15. Lakeshore West Post

    Loved the video. The only critique was with respect to the suggestion that "anyone can do this shot". Hard to imagine that many viewers that are learning photography – vis-a-vis through such videos – will have anything close to the equipment being used.

  16. this is awesome video thanks men

  17. great tutorial, on product photography and I'll have to try it, but I think the flash diffuser is a little pricy though 

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