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How to Make a Panorama in Lightroom

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  1. yes please upload more tutorials of lightroom. Thank you

  2. Is that motion blur on the stars caused by the merge or by the photo shooting?

  3. to summarize this vid and similar vids:

    1. load your pics
    2. click "merge"

    not useful at all. 10s vid at most.

  4. SnowIsWhite WhiteIsSnow

    Exactly, I'm now trying to shoot some panoramic photos and I realize it is very interesting, and not only it's interesting but it also made me view on my future!!!

  5. Great video.  Thanks a ton.

  6. Lightroom cc is up to date on my mac yet I'm not getting the photo merge when I right click or when i go up to photo. Any Ideas why ?

  7. Great tutorial. Very easy to understand! Thanks and keep up the great work.

  8. Hi, great video but I have a question ref producing the final print, I want to create a panoramic print 1 metre long using roll photo paper. How would I do this.

  9. Avishek Mukherjee (Avi)

    You know what, your videos are damn great

  10. How about a video discussing things that are great to do in Lightroom vs. Photoshop? I still don't use much of Lightroom just because I'm not familiar with it but I'm sure there's plenty it can do that I don't know of yet.

  11. ‫בר שי‬‎

    what data you captured the images?

  12. Sweet mother of God!

  13. I would love to see more Lightroom videos! Of course not as many as for Photoshop but maybe start with some simple first step and workflow (why start with lightroom and then go to photoshop) videos.

  14. love the beard my man

  15. hey dude. i shot a sunrise timelapse, and one frame have some bird flying over the sky but the time and lighting is not perfect. I would like to know to throw the bird on there, when the environment is same but the lighting is very different. thank you

  16. I was waiting for this type of update in lightroom. Its great, coz photoshop is bit expensive for non professionals like me.

  17. Can you give me the link to the images? I mean, I know its from fotolia, but I cannot find it.

  18. I like all your tut leonides

  19. Which is better? Making a Panaroma in Lightroom or Photoshop? +Photoshop Tutorials By Phlearn

  20. Why the specific focus on digital SLR's when this works with any type of camera, including high resolution compacts and various compact system cameras?
    @4:35 as for "it creates a legitimate file in the same folder"; I don't quite see what else you could expect it to do.
    And it seems that the auto crop needs perfecting: there is a white line running along about a third of the bottom left edge of the image.

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