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How to Get Smoking Hot Flower Photos

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  1. Hand sanitizers work the best.

  2. Just tried this the other day using regular alcohol. worked great!

  3. Please someone tell me which kind of alcohol he used for burning the flower!! Thank you.

  4. It's a shame they didn't get any shots of flaming poppies.

  5. what a good idea!!

  6. Kids on fire… What a nice photo shoot idea ! 8D

  7. Poor flowers :/ cool shots though 

  8. Is it me….or do these photos all seem out of focus??

  9. How safe is that

  10. whats the liquid you use for it…

  11. u should have taken these pics at lower iso

  12. Would have been much easier with a spray bottle and acetone.

  13. Rene Barton (Piškót)

    experiment je experiment,ale toto je neúcta k niečomu tak krásnemu,ako je živí kvet :(

  14. cool i want to smoke some hot flowers too

  15. Who is that artist? please share the link…..

  16. this was either brilliant or really dumb

  17. Easily Offended Don't Read This...

    Like if you hate liking comments!

  18. Love it, get pissed up then play with fire, i'm amazed you are still alive.

  19. I tried this with my camera Panasonic lumix fz38 the camera would not focus what so ever the fire was throwing the focus out of sack which made the rose blurry to I tried to do it on all settings , it was for a college project , it's harder than it looks

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