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How to create Motion Blur – Red Bull Illume

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  1. I have a canon powershot sx260hs, Would this technique work with that camera

  2. Preati gud
    I hhhope iou laik may comend
    Heva naci dey

  3. @RDELAPLAZA Sorry… you mention that you were using a tele lens, I didn't hear it the first tiime I saw the video… thank you for your contribution.
    We love photogaphy also

  4. You forgot to mention 1).- that you are using a telephoto lens and shooting from some distance, so when you move the telephoto following the subject the blur is more evident, and 2).- you forgot to tell that you are using a remotely triggered flash unit close to where the photographed subject (to make a small flash work, otherwise a distant and small powered flash in the daylight will be hardly noticeable), 3).-hidden from the camera view so it doesn't show in the picture.
    Good tips though.

  5. can i intern with this dude

  6. Awesome !

  7. I reckon there should be a redbull illume channel, who agrees?

  8. great video. thanks.

  9. nice pics… nice camera … nice bike …

  10. Awesome, all I need now is 5k. Thanks RB!

  11. nice shoots

  12. nice video thanks.

  13. Wow, the majority of comments posted display an amazing lack of intellect. It's a video about photographic techniques, not riding.

  14. you can do better red bull

  15. did somebody say harry potter??

  16. @GuiGoW3 They aren't fake? it's a technique used by professional photographers. It's not like they added fake motion blur in Photoshop.

  17. New Zealand FTW look at the rider t shirt

  18. Nice i would like too see more effects!! is there any blog i can follow!?

  19. Guilherme Galiás

    wheellll DONE!! Now, I know that the RedBull cool photos are fake.

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