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How to Compose Your Photo Using the Rule of Thirds

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  3. your an old hag

  4. Lots of people suggesting that rule of thirds is "law". Think of it as a "suggestion of thirds". "Rule" Is applying to thirds, not photography as a whole.  You are not shackled to any rules in photography….only to the limits you place on yourself.   Thank you for the video well made!

  5. IMO you do cropping too much. Yes rule of third is good but sometimes you just need decide if that rule will be good to a certain image. The photo with bridge for me you done it wrong if you just cropped it landscape the image is a lot better.

  6. The bridge in that one photo added to the whole theme of the image. By taking it out you cut out most of the photos story. The rule of thirds can be beneficial, but i don't think it serves the picture in every scenario.

  7. did you really need to crop that bridge out … ?  @5:42…

  8. too much cropping, imo..

  9. Using already well composed images that does not conform to the rule of thirds defeats the purpose of the video. It would have been more educational if you'd taken badly composed photographs to demonstrate how they'd get better with the rule of thirds.

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  11. NorfolkPhotography

    Good tips, check out my channel for wildlife and scenery photography in Norfolk, just starting out so new videos will be uploaded shortly 😀 thanks

  12. She is just showing how the rule of thirds affect an image.
    she also keeps telling that u should do the cropping part when u actually take the picture for example right here 3:18

    So you are right about that cropping is something u should avoid but if it really makes the picture looking better then i don't see any reason why u shouldn't crop it 😉

  13. This is awful, this is the reason people are scared of walking around with a camera. Sometimes a subject dead centre looks the best. This is a stupid rule to live by if you spend all your time cropping your shots to match it. Some of my favourite photos have the focal point or subject directly in the middle. Symmetry beats all.

  14. DrDebrup Chatterjee

    too much cropping is not too good in my opinion, and rule of third is not too good in all situation.. I believe that any picture that gives me a sense of pleasure to watch and makes my eyes wonder around is a good photograph.. rule of third is simply a guide to a beginner but using this for long makes it a habit which is not good for creativity.It the feeling of WOW! which should come from within,as we watch it in the viewfinder,that is the moment we need to capture.

  15. Yeshwanth Nagendra

    Thanks great work

  16. Best tutorial on rule of thirds! Thank you so much, you explained it better than anyone else on youtube!! I love you.

  17. Thanks for this video, shows a lot of ways to manipulate the rule of thirds to create focus of subject

  18. I agree, the best pictures I've taken required me to disregard the rule of thirds

  19. you could move that "right hand thirds" line and it would still be over the "green"

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