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How to Choose the Right Lens for Your DSLR Camera

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  2. Morning! Have you thought about photo sfxart tricks (search for it)? My friend Debbie made some extraordinary photos with their video lessons.

  3. @Fyeagass16 you can put these on cannon d3 on layway at kmart its 83.00 dollars every two weeks

  4. step 1 find a different video, this one sucks and wont help they are saying you need like 6 lenses

  5. where is the part that says you will need lots of cash?

  6. Why im watching this, since i wont be able to buy such a camera for a long long time

  7. what i need is money! That's all!

  8. can i pause the video and take a poo real quickly?

  9. Yeah this is all fun and all but i cant seem to find a converter for my old Canon AE-1 camera that has FD lens to go on a canon rebel xl or any EOS camera sigh. Been looking on ebay for 2 years now …anyone know?

  10. You'll need: An anus.

  11. optional: saw

  12. Sigma 18-250mm FTW!

  13. unprofessionalvids

    Kit lens are RUBBISH

  14. Not first. Glad to have a life.

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