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  1. I got the new one 4 days ago.

  2. Tampatec is amazing. He knows his stuff! He makes me want to purchase this camera.

  3. yes it has auto focus or head tracking

  4. Does the camera focus?

  5. How many mega pixel is the new one

  6. not at all for 10usd you can get in-wall outlet or car usb charger adapters, usb and micro-usb is becoming a standard for charging most new devices.

  7. great review.. question for you about charging the cam. Is the USB the only charging option? can it be charged via wall socket? perhaps through a iphone charger? USB seems like it would be a pain when on vacation trips…

  8. Thanks for the info

  9. tv play back is great & still looks hd. its a great value cam

  10. Hi,
    When the movies from this camera are played back on a big screen (50inch) HD tv what do they look like?

  11. no because it has cmos-sensor which works good for recording in bad lighting

  12. does it have light to record in the dark?

  13. well i filmed with both in the video but yes the old one when i was showing off the new camera's features and case

  14. i imagined you were filming with the old one!

  15. tampatec,when are you making more code review vids? (even though i like your other vids!)


  17. 12th veiwer awsome

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