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Getting Perfect Exposure

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  1. hahahaha subtitles are totally hilarious! grey card -> greek art

  2. gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay

  3. Hey! do you guys know of any site where i can get these free cards sent over to Mexico? or maybe someone can help me out?

  4. If you can't find the big ones, or want something smaller, or are impatient, you cna also go get some paint sample cards from wal-mart. Thats how I get my white balence card.

  5. I have the Sanyo Xacti VPC-CG20 which is the upgrade to the CG10 I only paid £97 for it brand new. fantastic little camera and shoots in 1080p. you can get a re-conditioned one at bargain stock . co . uk for £62.49 best £60 you will ever spend. trust me. the only down side is the battery only lasts like 20 min, but these are available on ebay for like £6. if your on a budget go get one NOW!!!

  6. Have you ever watched your videos with captions on? It's hilarious.

  7. Too bad u can not deliver to the UK.

  8. just ordered mine!thanks!for people who are having a hard time finding it,the link is…. wwwilsonartcontractdotcom

  9. for ANYONE else who can't find the link to the graycard (I nearly tore a hunk of hair out!), if you see these words below the video an inch or so "Uploaded on Apr 4, 2010" notice that below the links listed there (I see Blog, Facebook and Twitter links for the Frug) there is a very inconspicuous sentence framed with two black lines titled "show more". Believe it or not, THAT is the access to CLICK ON to see the hidden link! VERY FRUSTRATING Youtube!!! >:(

  10. is the free cards only available to US and Canada?

  11. Could someone post the link (grey cards) cheere :-))

  12. Still gives you the option for size except the 8×10.

  13. My grey card came in the mail broken. :/ oh well, it was free! 😀

  14. Still working just sent off my order for free cards. Thanks.

  15. The link for the free cards STILL works! Make sure you order the size card you want

  16. Still work as of today. I ordered 3 gray cards and 3 white cards to set white balance (maybe). I also ordered some other colors for possible review mats.

  17. Does the grey card work with camcorders too or only for cameras? Thanks:)

  18. Recent project using "Auto" exposure came out all wrong. I was able to fix some of it in post but some of the "must have" shots were unusable due to auto exposure and shutter speed settings. Ordered all three cards today. Will re-shoot using manual exposure and cards as reference. Who knew that trying to capture homing pigeons in flight was so technically challenging? Thanks for all the little details that can make/break the shot. 8-D

  19. As of August the link for the free cards still work! Got 3 each of the 8×10" 18% Grey matte card and the 8×10" White matte card, and all for free! What a great find. Thanks!

  20. I love the irony of using a dimmer on Exposure tutorial .. thanks for the video 🙂

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