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FujiFilm Instax Mini 8 Instant Polaroid Camera Review

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  1. what kind of batteries do you need/ does it come with battaries

  2. Every time I do mine it's blank

  3. You can be fuji guy!!

  4. Is it HD?

  5. When you had the white did it get dirty? Because I want the black or white

  6. You can also get it at Urban Outfitters???? my friend got one yesterday and I am thinking of getting one 

  7. very nice review on the fuji!

  8. Can a camera neck strap be used on this camera? 

  9. Where did you get that photo album? Thanks for the video btw very insightful.

  10. is it mountable on a tripod?

  11. "This one is my dawg"

  12. How much do the cartridges cost in £

  13. A white background ????

  14. KawaiiPixie Pastels

    Im watching but i dont have instax camera 🙁 

  15. Polaroid is a brand brand name.
    It cannot describe the fijifilm Instax mini 8 instant camera.

  16. Hi there, it's a really nice review!
    I have a question, is there any self-timer on this one?

  17. What is the latest fujifilm camera it is 2015 and is it this one?

  18. What's the website to get 20 films for $12-$13?

  19. yallow

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