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free wedding photography tutorial tips and tricks behind the scenes how to take wedding photos

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  1. I have been shooting weddings and events for many years, you can still learn. This video and photographer provide a quick well thought out overview of wedding photography with many tips. Well done, well worth the time viewing and reviewing. Thanks

  2. Hello I love this video, especially your advice concerning i want to be a wedding photographer
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  3. kerennnn

  4. This is really useful, and the checklist is fab! Thanks :)

  5. Nick Irvine-Fortescue

    wow! so many tips about the whole wedding in only ten minutes!! Thanks, you're super!

  6. That was so helpful, thank you.

  7. Thanks for posting this. Amazing work and very helpful info. I'm new to this and it's nice to see that I can get away with using only 2 cameras and a few specific lenses.

  8. I'm on a budget. Can I do a wedding shoot for my buddy with a canon sl1 body with a 70-200 f2.8 lens?

  9. actually it is a great video i  like it.I also get something  helpful for good photography photos
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  10. Very helpful without being so overwhelming, thank you!

  11. Thank you for the awesome tips. I'll be shooting a wedding soon and this video's given me a lot to think about. Cheers!

  12. You motivates me to get into wedding photography business. Thanks for the tips. They worked fantastic for me and the equipment I got.

  13. Thank you so much,you helping me alot

  14. I learn so many things from you as beginner,i wish i can meet u to learn more

  15. Love your straight forward vids and channel!

  16. This was so helpful I'm 16 and am interested In pursuing a career in photography tomorrow I am taking pictures for a wedding and I've never done a wedding before this really helped me get and idea of what I was in for thank you so much! 

  17. hello, i am sorry for my english because it is bad.. but i need comment this video… MAN YOU ARE A GREAT HUMAN… thank you very much for your dedication… you deserve what you want… have a good day

  18. Love this!!!

  19. Юрий Блинов

    Класс! Видео супер. Мне нравится +1 Подписался на Ваш канал.

  20. simply a great teacher..you covered a lot but in very effective way. Thank you!

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