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Film Speed & ISO Tutorial For Beginning Photography

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  1. Picked up a praktica, no light meter, any tips on how to work out shutter speed or apature


  2. Thanks for sharing this video. Justin getting into film photography or any form of photography this was very helpful.

  3. @GeorgiaSandy what is your question? When you buy film, always know what your ISO is and set your camera to that. I believe an FM2 has full manual control on both the aperture and shutter speed. With those cameras, whatever your shutter speed is, your light meter will tell you what aperture to use. It is all practice :)

  4. I own a nikon fm2 and I'm abit confused on the ISO and shutter setting I should have …. Help lol. 

  5. Where do you get your film developed? Or do you usually develop it on your own?
    Great video, by the way!

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