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Episode 32 – Flower Power [Digital Photography Today]

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  1. Hey, I often shoot video footage of flowers and this is good information even though I'm currently using a camcorder, on all-auto-settings, most of the time.  It's always nice to know why the camera's mind thinks that some view is a low light condition or why it won't focus on the subject, or the background.  Please have a look at some of my videos and let me know what you think about camcorder video performance issues or whatever else you like or notice in my videos.  Thanks

  2. Thanks Marius, great Video again and nice Trick with exposure comp. We in Austria have the "snow problem". Now I know how to fix it :)

  3. great video as always. keep it up.
    can you do a light painting with your canon powershot sx60.

  4. Snow on my channel

    Not ony


  5. I specialize in pet photography but also have lots of snow photos and videos ony channel

    I have moon video with a canon sx50 at 200 which is impressive

    Please watch my video and let me know how much better your cameras zoom Is

    50 vs 60 optical
    200 vs 260?

    Please stay in touch

    I have 120 fps and 240 fps snow you can watch on hot days

    ????✨????????cheers mate

  6. Hi Marius, Another good clear explanation of something that is difficult to get your head around.  Would using "spot" metering mean no need to alter exposure? Cheers Peter

  7. Hi Marius, could you do a tutorial on how to do HDR in the sx50/60 HS? and by HDR, I mean the varying exposure one and not using the HDR mode. And could you speak about the difference between HDR using varying exposure while capturing, HDR using varying exposure during post production and using HDR mode in the cameras? 

  8. Hey morris do you sell a dvd that covers everything about powershots and useful info to help first time photographers 

  9. Does the exposure compensation also work in Manual mode on the Powershot SX? if so, i can't find a way to do it?

  10. Great tip. never thought to do this in reverse. it does make a lot of sense. though. Have you ever done any videos on doing long exposures with the SX50/60? I'd love to try some night shots with moving traffic but I haven't been able to perfect it just yet. 

  11. Thank you for sharing this nice little tip.

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