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Easy Panorama Photography Video Tutorial

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  1. How do i find the pictures on panorama on my phone they r not n my galkery not all poco f them

  2. Great video but two things are a must in achieving great panoramas. finding your true Nodal point on your specific lens and the use of a Tripod. This will produce great panoramas and make your efforts worth while.

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  4. Thank you for this video:) It really helped me out with my Digital Imagining:)<3

  5. Thank you! This video is for those that do not have a panorama option on their camera. It is a way to learn how to do Panorama "old school" style.

  6. Thank you Hwugh1. I appreciate your positive feedback!

  7. I made this video in collaboration with Ricardo LaRotta. We wrote the script together and filmed it together and I edited the video. All the photographs are all originals using this technique. I hope that answers your question.

  8. Question for uploader! are you the one that made this tutorial? or were you just the speaker/actress? was all the work for this tutorial just from you?!!!?!? or other people involved? i wanna know!!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  9. Great and useful video. In the beginning, you really nailed the reasons why panoramas should be made. I'm a member of a motorcycle forum and every "ride report" includes that standard ordinary pic of the bike in some notable location but fails to convey the experience. (They always try to use words instead…) You also did a fine job of covering the essential techniques for using the camera. Anyone who can't make a good panorama after watching this vid simply wasn't paying attention. Well done.

  10. I have took a panorama from my Sony DSC 620 camera, as it is cylindrical panorama not a spherical panorama. How a cylindrical panorama upload in Google Earth as 360 degree panorama? OR How a cylindrical panorama can be converted into spherical panorama through software or any website?

  11. There are ways to do a 360 by also taking pictures of the top and bottom. There is another tutorial on YouTube that shows that, but I don't remember the link. I myself never tried to do a 360 for Google Earth.

  12. Thanks for your comments! This tutorial is for people that don't have the built in option on their cameras to do panoramas. I never tried panoweaver so I can not comment, but there are other softwares that do help you create panoramas. We decided to go with photoshop as it does a great job of blending the pictures together even if you fumble a bit with your camera movement.

  13. it's so complicated, i think use panoweaver is more time saving, just click several button to make a panorama

  14. nice tutorial
    thank you 🙂

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