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DSLR Tips – Choosing an “All around” lens

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  1. do you have any suggestions for a zoom lens thats wide angle? like for landscape wilderness type shots? (not sure if i worded that correctly, not sure how to describe it)

  2. Very informative. Thanks for this vid.

  3. Loud and clear.. no nonsense.. thanks very much.. I have a tiny point to stress though.. There are guys like me, pure hobby lensmen, a little mad, living beyond means, that enjoy their work.. Most probably, I have been thinking along the same lines when you decided to make this video… Not with much money in my pocket, I've fooled around with buying choices and have finally ended up with Nikon / Nikon compatible lenses like 35mm, 40mm, 50mm and 85mm; all prime. The zooms include 10-24, 18-55, 70-300 and 18-250.. (A lot of overlapping there, as you warned and I've been stupid.) None of them are too expensive, though the 85mm f1.4 and 10-20 f3.5 hurt me very much.. All said and done, the most useful lens I have is my relatively inexpensive AF-S DX Micro Nikkor 40mm, which is my jack of all trades.. Thanks again for your great video..

  4. Great video but which lens should I get if I want to shoot good video

  5. you should watch this video and get some perspective on how lenses are made, it's very informational. just type in the youtube .com/watch?v=X7_wL0ZZi6k

  6. Ever since the release of Sigma's 18-35 F1.8, I'd like to think that they made that particular lens as a response to discussions about these kinds of things as an "all around-er" type of lens. Nevertheless, I'd love to have a 24-105 or maybe an 85mm prime lens because I love street photography and even photography. But heck, I don't even think I'm good enough yet.

  7. They do seem to be expensive. You get what you pay for. Try primes like the 50mm F 1.8 for a good cheap lens for good results.

  8. I have one question….Why are lenses so dear….why do the distributors charge so much for just some glass!

  9. 18-135 totaly suckssss!!! Even 60mm macro lens have better and sharper(wayyy sharper) result!!

  10. For me the best way to get good quality for cheap is to buy manual film camera lenses. They are cheap and generaly have pretty decent quality.

  11. I do have the 24-105. It's a constant F/4 and I was worried about that. It does produce great shots. Better bokeh than I expected for an F/4. It is well made, good for almost anything. The only things bad compared to my 17-55 is the 17-55 is an F/2.8 constant aperture. That makes the 17-55 better for low light, slightly better bokeh (not much), and maybe action. If I could just have one……I would stick with the 17-55 since i have a 100mm already.. The 24-70 is nice, I have not used it.

  12. Great video. I had a question. I was looking at the Canon 24-105mm and the 100mm macro L-series models and was concerned about bokeh and vignette. I saw a review where the 24-70mm f/4.0L had some bokeh issues and that made me concerned about these 2 lenses I was going to get. Do you have any issues in regards to this? I notice you have at least the 24-105mm L-series from the video.

  13. I have never liked them. I would go with a Canon 55-250 if you want a cheaper long lens. The IQ is a bit better than the 70-300 at most ranges from what I have read. I also own a 55-250 Canon and like it. I had a 70-300 and didn't like it much.

  14. Hi…that was a really great video
    what would you say about
    Canon 70-300 and Tamron 70-300 , is there any significant diff. b/w them.
    and what will be a better(cheaper) alternative for a 70-300mm
    I Like to do Wildlife Photography

  15. I currently have a 10-20mm sigma, 18-55mm kit lens which is being sold and a 55-250mm zoom lens for motorsport. Im looking at a lens to replace my kit lens. Im thinking late teens 50's zoom range if it means a lower aperture. Originally I was looking at a 17-70mm sigma lens but if it means I get a lower aperture ile go with a lens of a zoom range.

  16. Jaya Prashanth CG

    thanks for replyin buddy,keep the good work going.

  17. I did buy the kit with the 18-135 so that's what I would do. I like that lens. (even though I sold it for a 24-105 L)

  18. Jaya Prashanth CG

    Hey thanks for ur videos mate, they were helpful.Well I got a question please help me out,Which lens is better for filming videos 18-55 or 18-135?I'm planning to buy my 1st dslr(canon 600d) this month and initially thought of buying a kit with18-55 lens & later adding a 55-250 mm when I get money.But,my friend suggested me to buy 18-135 kit lens instead and he says 18-135's are better to shoot videos.What do you recommend?

  19. for video shooting btw

  20. THNX for the helpful review, well in my country second hand price for both 24-105 & 17-55 lens are the same, so if u were to choose either one to go first, with the same price would you go for the 24-105L and sacrificing the aperture or 17-55 and sacrificing the "L" quality ? im using t4i with 18-135 now. hmm shooting mostly indoors and low light.

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