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DSLR camera buying advice

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  1. I like photography… nd I think I should upgrade to pro camera from smartphone…which camera should I buy…?

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  3. HELP!!! I'm currently looking for a camera so that I can start getting into videography. I'll be filming cars for most of the videos in a wide range of lighting conditions and locations and need a camera that will accommodate substantial amounts of wide open scenery as well as one that will do up close detailed clips. Most importantly it needs to be able to take good dynamic shots of cars driving and one that can get good slo motion shots. Any advice? Should I get a DSLR or camcorder? I'm currently looking at the GH4, A7S, and 60D. Are these good choices for my needs?

  4. The BEST answer I've heard ! Thanks mate! 🙂 

    I wanna start off with a DSLR – found the Nikon 5300 to suit my liking and budget – thoughts?

  5. I hear that Cannon has one of the widest selection of lenses to be found. I just happened to start with Nikon because I got a deal on it.

  6. Just starting (studio) photography. First of all, is the Nikon D5200 a good camera for this, and if so, what are the best in budget Nikkor lenses? I've used bridge and point-and-shoot cameras, so do you think this camera is a good first DSLR for me? If not, what are some other entry level Nikon or Canon DSLRs. -Thank you for this video!

  7. i buy canon 7d last week is it still out in the market is there a clone camera of canon..what is better i think if i change it to 60d or the 6d but i dont know..i buy macro lens 28 to 105 mm usm and 100 to 300 tlephotolens 32db memory and for 1750 dollar is it worth it? pls answer

  8. Best Counselling Mumbai

    please help me..

    i lost my nikon d7100 with 18-105 lens ( got stolen)

    i want to buy a new dslr and lens.. my total budget is around 2500 dollars

    i currently own the following lenses- 50mm 1.8D , tamron 90mm macro , 35mm 1.8g dx

    i also own elinchrom lights kit frx 400 , 3 third party speedlights, stands, umbrella etc

    my type of photography is table top products , food, studio/ natural portraits/candids.  i dont do events or weddings

    please help me which dslr and lens to buy in my budget… $2500

  9. You are comparing a camera to shoes…. That's like comparing apples and oranges

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  11. That is truely the most nicest and unbiased opinion and advice i came across ever. Thankyou so much fir this video.

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