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Digital Photography 1 on 1: Episode 64: Group Shots: Adorama Photography TV

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  1. we must be talking about quantity of light vs quality? Further away smaller the light, less soft?

  2. Thanks for tips. I would like to know whether 43 inch umbrella would be enough to photograph 5 people (2 in front row , 3 standing behind )?

  3. Get them to take off their glasses?!

  4. What if someone was wearing glasses? Would you just raise the light higher? Or go to 2 lights on either side?

  5. Chris Elliott…..ahhhh

  6. yup, but you'll need more power as you get more far away…I just have a external flash, I would need more flashes to fire simultaneously at that distance and because of the size of the octobox.

  7. The key here is actually making sure the single light source was far way so you get the even spread

  8. Can you do this with sb 910s?

  9. I have to shoot 70 something black people in a small room!! any suggestions. I have a few wireless strobes and 1 main powerpack.

  10. Yes! Handy tips just in time! I need to photograph all my office staff next week.

  11. Depends on your depth of field.

  12. hi marc,how many lights suppose to be use in a big group..

  13. what if i use a large aperture? would the other people be out of focus?

  14. darthmadder mohamad

    Is it possible to use speedlight flash?

  15. Thanks this was great got to try it out

  16. HI, I can see that you are using quite heavy set-up on your Benro tripod. How it behaves with that heavy gear? How would you rate is as a travel tripod for D3 and 24-70 f2.8?

  17. What about using the 1 Alieb Bee 800 with a large octabox instead of bouncing it off the wall? will that be enough light for similar results?

  18. am going to take for a groupphoto for graduation student in the sun.. what lenses do i use ? i have a 18-105 f3.5-5.. nikkor 50m f1.8 and a sigma 28-70m f2.8-4

  19. Pefect

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