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Digital Photography 1 on 1: Episode 46: Using Natural Light: Adorama Photography TV

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  1. Gracias

  2. Hai MARK can you show us that how to use umbrella creatively in flash photography specially using gold and silver 33 inch umbrellas ?????

  3. i using reflectors is still a batter technique or some other technique takes it's place??

  4. Thank you for the many great tips.

  5. This was very helpful to me! Thanks a lot, Mark!

  6. So wanna make his models my wifeys <3 <3 <3

  7. Nothing more satisfying in a tutorial video than a dead body in the background

  8. used fill flash and reflector. reflector is so much nicer effect than fill flash. flash is harsh, flat and artificial. catch lights when on the hot shoe are small and unattractive, there is frequently a colour temperature balance issue and red eye happens. putting it off camera makes it a bit better but still not as diffuse and flattering to the subject unless you also use a softbox for example. to my eyes, the average portable softbox still produces a more flat and lifeless look than a reflector. plus the setting up of off-camera flash is a pain to organise: you need a decent flash, compatible triggers, right level of intensity even when using ttl, trying to get right synch speed, fresh batteries and so on. with a reflector you see the shot before you take it, more or less. with flash you have to look at your little lcd screen to see if it is right and that can be very deceptive. i gave up on on and off camera flashes for fill light a long time ago. not worth the hassle at all. maybe if i was very rich and could pay for top gear and an assistant to assemble everything. otherwise forget it ;)

  9. fantastic tut
    I'd so love to do a training with this guy

  10. Why don't position the reflector above her eyes or head head so that the reflected light from the sun light the model from above. The from below angle makes it looks scary light :)

  11. Very well done, great info.

  12. Is this the guy that played Woogie in the movie Something About Mary?

  13. She reminds me of Pheboe from Friends. 

  14. Shahidul Islam Sahel

    Please Let me what was the size of the Reflector that you'd used here .

  15. Great tips, thank you

  16. What lens do you use?

  17. natural light video and the first thing he does is mount up a speedlight….  I need to smoke some dope and try this again ….  

  18. Where are the dark skinned models
    Does this work the dame one people with darker skin

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