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Digital Photography 1 on 1: Episode 26: Metering Part 2: Exposure Compensation

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  1. buy a light meter

  2. do you manual focus?

  3. An excellent and fast explanation made very clear to understand!! Love your video, but have a question using my budget Fujifilm T500 series camera. There are times I can't seem to get exposure correct with shooting at 8am just after sunrise with a large bird in a bush with large green leaves on a shore and the ocean in background with exposure "0" bush colors and leaves turn very dark to see and he sky is overexposed "bright white" and hazy looking. When I adjust exposure "+" the leaves become visible with more color but parts of the white on the bird are overexposed and grey on bird is underexposed while the background of the sky is way overexposed. When I tune the exposure "-" then the bird is all underexposed and bird is to dark for sharp details and color, and the sky is underexposed. I cannot get the bush with leaves and bird being blue, grey, and white in the bush with the ocean and sky background past sunrise to show both proper exposures at the same time!! any suggestions?

  4. i need some help. which of the 2 methods do you believe it's better for portraiture?manual or semi auto modes using exp copensation? which is faster? which one do you use for a portraiture with no metering difficulties? what's the point of using manual if you can be so fast with exposure compensation in semi auto modes?

  5. Thank you Mark for the great video, a late comment though, 5 years down the line. Kindly confirm if this is true, all this exposure compensation thing doesn't work when you're shooting on Manual ?

  6. Ah Erica :)

  7. How to do meatier reading with a flash

  8. ImprovisedSurvival

    So why is it then that the video camera always gets it right?
     In fact, I may be so bold to say that her video exposure(skin tones) was better than ANY of the camera shots, regardless of compensation.

  9. 4:55 wow she is quite a hot catch 🙂 looks very cute and sweat

  10. pretty models allways :))

  11. I've ready 4 books on digital photography and this video taught me more about EC than all of them combined (partially my comprehension difficulty). Thank you for the clear concise explanation. Until just NOW, I didn't realize that +/- doesn't do anything in manual mode!

  12. At 10.33 minutes into the video, does anyone notice Mark being able to control Exposure Compensation while it's in Manual mode…..which I find strange. ..has anybody noticed this

  13. Outstanding tut ! Thanks Mark 🙂

  14. I manual mode, when you change aperture to achieve EC, you will be changing depth of field. Whilst, if you change shutter speed to get the same EC, depth of field will remain the same.

  15. Good video. peace~

  16. Just shoot RAW files in manual mode, and you will get the correct exposure every single time.

  17. So basically manual mode is the way to go?

  18. wow! awesome tutorial. thank you.

  19. The best teacher

  20. yeah, me too. wish he would've prefaced the vid by saying exposure compensation is only available in auto settings. lol

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