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Digital Photography 1 on 1: Episode 13: White Balance

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  1. Cloudy is warmer than direct sunlight ?!

  2. Venkata Raju Nadimpalli

    Very inormative. Thank u very much

  3. 2:14 …as light sources become warmer they get bluer and cooler, amber?? I wlawys thought the opposite :S

  4. I have an Xrite colour passport. It has two Grey cards; one seems like a 50% grey & the other is a dark grey. Which one should I use & when?

  5. Νίκος Δήμιζας

    If shooting raw can we skip the grey or white card and still get same results with post processing? Thanks

  6. its only kelvin no degree kelvin. research bro 

  7. Uptown Photography

    I have a new Dell laptop (i7 Quad) and an external Dell monitor. I shoot Raw and use Lightroom 5.7. The laptop looks fine, but the external Dell looks over saturated. It's a fairly expensive Dell external ($500 cost). What is the best way to sync them with colors saturation so they look the same. The menu controls on the Dell external don't get me there….Thanks….Philip….Nice video too.Thanks…

  8. how to use the Flash Wihite balance? with flash?

  9. The "degrees Kelvin" hurt my brain …

  10. Yan Luo (Yankitchen)

    Excellent videos!  Thank you!

  11. what's the difference between a grey card and a white card, besides the color? 

  12. Shitty Shouty Adverts Suck.
    Please find another way…

  13. Jasjit Singh Saggu

    Hi Mark !

    Your vdo is really good. but unluckily, i cant ask this to the sun to hold the grey card.
    Please tell me how to choose accurate white balance from the color chart.

  14. Twentyfivebutts – how can you shoot for tv without ever hearing about white balance? Its probably the first thing I learned. You mustn't have had a good teacher

  15. glad im not the only one

  16. I am a beginner and your videos had helped me a lot. They are great. Thanks…..

  17. great Mark..you are awesome ..!!! very helpful tutorial. i want to work with you. please let me know if you have any opportunity to work.
    I am knocking from Chittagong, Bangladesh.

  18. dolphite gamemaster

    you're a life saver thank you, thank you, thank you

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