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Depth of Field : Photography Tutorial for Beginners (Bokeh) – CamCrunch

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  1. Thanks for this, helped a lot :)

  2. Was great

  3. Lucrecia Gonzalez


  4. Subscribed (Y)….

  5. Smart teacher…Thank you so much…

  6. So young. So smart. ????great video. Smart delivery of information. 

  7. i

  8. Great Video!  Thank you very much!!!

  9. Very helpful, thank you

  10. A great help! Thank you!

  11. Great video. While I appreciate the detailed, technical and long reviews on other channels, this is far more helpful to a novice like myself. Subbed!

  12. This was very helpful perhaps the most helpful photography tutorial channel I've discovered so far. Thank you ????

  13. KriscoartProductions

    Thank you for sharing!

  14. Excellent video explaining these variables which affect depth of field, very well structured and presented.

  15. Prince The Eagle Eye

    tnx bro ,,but i cant get the iso ,,,

  16. The tutorial is crystal clear. Amazing teacher. To be knowledgeable is one thing and to be able to drive home your thoughts is another thing altogether. I feel that this video on photography can make even the dumbest learner understand. I didn't know anything about photography but now I know things such as aperture, shutter speed, ISO and DoF watching your videos. Thank you.

  17. when changing your F number at the start, why didn't it get darker

  18. Super tutorial. Well presented and easy to follow.  Thanks. :-)

  19. Excellent! love it.Thank u .

  20. Hi…tnx for gud info but as am a new beginner i wanted to know one  from you that i have got the nikon d3200 with 11-80mm lens but i could not get the DOF that i want…so the issue is that how or what kind good lens will be able to give me the DOF that can attract my client with a soft background that i want ???Thanx + Regards   

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