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David Hobby’s Top Travel Photography Tip + Camera

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  1. does anyone know the name of the strap? cheers

  2. 2:24 Put that guy as a mini boss on the next Batman movie. Make him laugh like that after every sentence.

  3. Kerem Gogus (KeremGo)

    I always like people who smart about spending their money and I love this guy already.

  4. Kai has the look of disapproval throughout this video

  5. sorry what model (size )of this tripod?

  6. Does anyone know what is the name of that tripod???

  7. Does anyone know the name of the bar they were at?

  8. You spelled his name wrong at the start 0:29 "Daivd" lol

  9. Luis Felipe Rocco Sanchez

    That tripod looks really handy, what's the name again?

  10. I know i cant get those wallets anymore. But anyone know where i can get a similar one to fit batteries and sdcard for the X100? Does the CF card think thank one fits batteries?

  11. Kai drinks like a boss

  12. If old mate brought his d600 to an island he better bring a sensor cleaning kit with him, this is the camera i wish i never purchased, im thinking of getting an Xt1 to tide me over till the technology arrives for which i am waiting which a mirrorless medium format camera with good battery life and price, hope im still alive. I love full frame cameras, but i just think the Xt1 would be a lot better for travel, which is what i like to use it for, its hard to go shopping in Bangkok and have a d800 around my neck, and i agree with David in regards to enjoying the holiday more and not being obsessed with photography, with the Xt1 i could bring it with me everywhere, so i would get more shots, battery life isnt a big concern for me, as i would just get a few spares, and could charge at night.

  13. i knew it would be this cam)

  14. Антон «ФОТОТОХА» Забельский

    But what about name of that strap?:)) Thanks)))

  15. Stella artois in a green botlle??

  16. Surprised he uses a UV filter not a clear. Fuji has stated UV is handled in camera by the sensor.

  17. Hey Kai thanks for bringing us along for the chat with David. Picked up a cheap XE1 for the street – lovin' the images.

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