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Crop (Cut Out) an Image: Photoshop

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  1. Uhm…you never showed how to crop the image out….I mean, once you have Obama "brushed" out then what do you do?  How do you use that?  Change background.  If I follow your tutorial I just get my photo on my screen without the stuff I don't want, but then what do I do with it? 

  2. this is so helpful! thanks a lot!! umwah! happy new year!

  3. How to save it after??? :((

  4. Very good tutorial, thank you!!!

  5. thnxs

  6. when I try to save my image the background is still there and I need it to be transparent! What am I doing wrong?

  7. What's the X tool your talking about at around 3:17? I can't seem to find it, pressing X does not bring back the picture

  8. Any other program to crop picture like that? or in any app for my phone?

  9. OnlinePhotographyCourses

    thanks connor for your photo shop tutorial, I have not used layer masks very often so this is helpful

  10. I think the magic wand is simple….can use brush to do that plenty job…thanks for your tutorial (y)

  11. How do you then copy the image once you're done with it? it can't seem to give me the option, help!

  12. How do you get it transparant brush?

  13. Stealing someone else's tutorial… Low 

  14. can someone pass me the website to download photoshop?

  15. Thank you! I was really trying to figure out how to erase the background but then bring it back if I made a mistake. I mostly use Corel Paintshop Pro X6 so trying to use PS with it being faster is just a nightmare at the moment. In PSP its the eraser tool, and you just use the left or right mouse button. In this it's the brush and then the X key, brilliant! I miss the mouse clicks but I guess it'll have to do :).

  16. You can change it from a background layer to a regular layer by either double-clicking the layer or by right-clicking and choose "make layer" or something like that.

  17. Víðir Sigvaldason

    How do yoy change it to a layer i press and press all day but nothing happen please help me connar i need your clicking experience thank u 😀

  18. MystTVProductions

    Polygonal Lasso Tool is faster and more effective.

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