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Creative Photography off camera flash for beginners

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  1. music n'magic duo agajoyce

    hi,,just want to ask what is the brand of your flash trigger (remote)..

  2. Let me first congratulate you for your great videos. You said that shutter speed affects the ambient light and aperture affects light on flash , would you plz mention that in what mode you used your flash. Thank you.

  3. What camera is that?

  4. Smile Eden :-)

  5. Just getting into manual and off camera flash photography, loved this video and it was simple and straight to the point, just got to find me a model now "my daughters are 33 & 25", so just tell me to Jog on now lol,, please post more off camera flash photography tutorials

  6. The girl got really board at the end of the video. But thanks for all the efforts you made in this video which is very inspiring for us beginners.

  7. Hello , great beginner tutorial , please can you answer me a question i don't understand,your light meter is telling you correct aperture is f/8 ? what if you always want to shoot at f/2.8 ? how you measure the light in relation to flash …

  8. Im guessing this is his teenage daugter, looks cold and bored, but she is allowed to go to a party she really want too if she does this shoot, im i right? 😛 Thank you for the lessons though, great tutorial, much aprciated.

  9. Great tutorial! Look forward to seeing the others. Felt sorry for the model she looked freezing! :)

  10. Thanks Mike I'm guna get ok cheap for the moment,iv got a yongnau 560 III so am guna go with there triggers 

  11. Can I just ask mike what are the light triggers that u use,what make are they 

  12. David Ouellette (Guerrilla Gallivanter)

    Interesting and informative video with a lovely model, but I was a bit distracted trying to figure out which Rage Against the Machine riff it was.

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