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Creating a Fantasy Portrait with Simple Elements – Photography Tutorial

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  1. Dont u think, the direction of wind and the girl leaning is wrong.,

  2. Very nice.

  3. Can you show us the simple version? The one without a HUGE studio, half dozen assistants and 1000's of dollars worth of lighting equipment? Because to be honest, if we were all able to afford those things we probably wouldn't looking at a video with the wording "simple elements" in it.

  4. Don`t get me wrong you do great work, but this is not real photography for me. It is all fake and komposed at the end. I like the more natural style, but I think I can use some things for my own work. :)

  5. very cool

  6. Abhiuday Srivastava

    Thanks for sharing. beautifully executed.

  7. I love to learn lighting from video people. Im just not a fan of a 1 light setup. Ive tried but many lights make me happy

  8. tengoAireEnLaCabeza

    la que lias para nada, con lo facil que es irse al campo y hacer una foto natural …. eres un triste pajarillo

  9. very well done!

  10. Trick Photography 101

    Great share! Informative and quite helpful if your doing trick photography! 🙂 #trickphography101  

  11. The photoshoot is great, but you guys are using a huge studio, hundreds of dollars (if not thousands) in equipment (besides the camera and lens itself), half a dozen people and a professional backdrop. That's not simple by any measure of the word.

  12. Good Job!

  13. Gorgeous shots. And yes while some with the photoshop skills may be able to create it in photoshop, that is not really taking a photo is it so much as it is making a photo. I love that you put in the work and actually CREATE something gorgeous. Inspiring, thank you for the video.

  14. çok iyi

  15. i can create this photo by photoshop_)i dont need  this trees or objectives)

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