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Color Theory In Photography

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  1. Thank you for this! I really would like to learn how to be more intentional about color in my photography.

    I am also a student at CreativeLIVE and we've been talking about this in the chatroom this week at PhotoWeek2015. I've been thinking seriously for a long time about requesting a CreativeLIVE class on Color Theory For Photographers and I'm now thinking about recommending you to teach it.

  2. Thanks so much for this. Found it very valuable. There is a really excellent (but out of print) book called 'Cartier Bresson: A Question of Colour' released as part of a London exhibition of the same name. It works on the premise that Cartier Bresson didn't believe colour could simplify the chaos of the world enough to have a bold message, and then presented photographers from the second half of the 20th century who tackled that challenge with success. It has everybody from Leiter to Haas (a personal favourite) and Gruyaert, but the guy that really seems to have cracked the Cartier Bresson style in colour is Alex Webb. This inspired me to attend a Magnum photos workshop with him last Summer, and he said that he only really shoots from the late afternoon onwards. This is very important! You can simplify colours by splitting them up with strong black shadows. You may not want that effect, but the time of day one shoots is particularly important in colour photography.

  3. Thanks a lot. Composition using colors is a fresh perspective something I have not seen covered a lot.

  4. This will make viewing this video much more interesting.  Each time he says, "You know", take a shot of your favorite adult beverage.  Soon, you will not care what he is saying.

  5. Thanks for tackling this. Colour theory is an important subject that doesn't get enough attention in the photo community.

  6. Great stuff as usual Ted – and an American who pronounces vase (almost) correctly!

  7. Good video!

  8. Exactly what I needed at this point in my journey as a photographer. THANK YOU!

  9. Hey Ted, why is that I couldn´t find none of your photography work?

  10. i cannot believe gordon parks isnt here!! his colour game is crazyyyyy

  11. thank you for this video it is very imformative, espeically since i am studying photography.  could recommend some great color photographers to study?

  12. I think thats a CMY wheel, with is the one paintors use, and the one photographers use is the RGB wheel

  13. Awesome video, thank you for always sharing great info.

  14. This takes me back to Grade Nine Art.

  15. very interesting series! thank you for the show!

  16. Milena Czabanowska

    Thank you for your fantastic series! I am always waiting for next one! Big hug for it! 🙂

  17. Milena Czabanowska

    do you know where I can find this documentary because it is not currently available on BBC i-player? Thanks for recommendation!

  18. This was really helpful! keep it up mate

  19. it's the kuler….as in ruler…duh. lol

  20. amazing content, I don't know how your videos don't have tens of thousands of views on them

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