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Capture Motion Blur Ep 105: Take & Make Great Photography with Gavin Hoey: Adorama Photography TV

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  1. yabesh photography

    Excellent video! You've solved many doubts, thank you very much

  2. You forgot to mention the number one thing to do; while shooting L.E. In the daylight while using the ND filter. "Cover the eye piece or close it. If you do not, you, can or will end up with…light leak" very important. You must cover that eye piece. Other than that, great video for the ones, that are not aware; on how too L.E.

  3. Nice. Really like his videos.

  4. astonishing support from lens filter! Very helpful photoshop editing as well. 

  5. Great final image!

  6. Why do not use Lightroom? Camera raw module isn't as good than Lightroom would be. 

  7. After taking pictures with my ND Filter, I notice there is a vignette effect on the pictures. Is there any way I can get rid of it in photoshop cs6?

  8. Can motion blur such as this be captured using an 18-55mm lense with ND filter?

  9. Photoshop and raw file tool coming with the Photoshop

  10. I have some problems with the clouds ,its not very sharp even when its in focus and with polarizing filter and I see his clouds not very sharp either,any advice ?

  11. Well presented but composition?

  12. So the final settings were f/22, 20 second exposure, ISO 100, 24mm lens and the ND 400 filter? It looks impressive.

  13. David, you are so right!
    i totally agree with you!

  14. Hüseyin Kocaismail

    Verry profesional video, thanks for prepeare it

    I learn some new technics in PS.

  15. I just love your photography. I have a question about landscaping photo. I can't seem to get everything in focus even at large aperture number so how and where exactly do you focus?

  16. Is there a method to add motion in the foreground in post-production? (I don't have a ND)

  17. I love that. Sums up english weather 'even in bright sunshine' he says with dark clouds above his head.

  18. StrongerThanOceans21

    Perfect hahah.

  19. Come on, what is your point? You have a 4000$(maybe more) photography equipment and you are asking this basic question? Why didn´t you first learn something about photography and then buy this expensive equipment, god damn it

  20. Adriano Guerreiro

    great tutorial video. Very clear and understandable. I guess the photo processing will work about the same with Adobe Photoshop Lightroom.

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