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Canon EOS Sports Photography Lesson Part 1

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  1. Thanks again for the feedback. If I'm involved in making any in the future I'll be sure to take it into consideration.

  2. Thank for the quick response, it proves someone is listening and that's good.
    The problem isn't so much that youtube is serving them slowly, ot's the wy you assembled a short amount of material into pointlessly short pieces. The whole thing is less than ten minutes, and the break you made between "lessons" does not make it easier to understand or to make it easier to find a few minutes to watch some of the material.

  3. Sorry that YouTube is serving them slowly. They date from around 2006/07 and were meant to be about the EOS system and photography in general, serving as an introduction or 'lesson' rather than an in-depth technical tutorial.

  4. These videos are short enough they should have been published as one video. I find it distracting and frustrating that I have to wait, seemingly forever, for youtube to get around to the next instalment.

    Additionally, while you mention the lenses in the videos, you do not tell us what cameras are used. Telling us in the note is not the same, and it's not enough.

  5. where is the tutorial there?

  6. @SeerTrulth This is part 1 of a 4 part series. Part 1 is a visual summary and introduction to the following films. You can see the other 3 parts in the Playlists section of the leografie channel. Also there are Macro, Landscape and Portrait versions.

  7. Tutorial? What is this crap?

  8. @JamesJames4 Thanks! These, along with "The Shot" were our favorite work done for Canon. RAW was usually used for stills, unfortunately I don't have the pictures to give details. Thanks for the comment.

  9. Very cool images and love the music too. Wonder how focusing was handled during the action shots? . I always find this a challenge with for instance fast moving subjects against bright backgrounds. The images look ultra-smooth – wonder what ISO was used and if RAW was used. Great video!

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