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Canon EOS – Getting Started: ISO, Shutter Speed and Aperture Tutorial

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  1. Mickey O'McFlannigan

    Great video! But take no offense, this guy looks like he just smoked a fat one before doing this tutorial.

  2. he made one mistake "the lower the shutter the richer the color" that's a half and half statement because if you're shooting at night and it's dark..its best to have a iso of like 300 maybe 200 and have your f stop open as much as possibly and you will need a hight shutter because it will need more light at night…it's all about what you're going for…because trying to shoot starts at night with a low shutter can be a big problem….but this video was very good it helped me alot.

  3. ISO isn't an acronym! It's pronounced eye-so!

  4. he looks like daniel radcliffe

  5. Many thanks. Clear and precise definitions. Great Job !!!!

  6. Thank you for your video , everything is so well explained ! Excellent job 

  7. Thank you so much. Very well explained :-)

  8. Baddir Raju Mudunuri

    Excellently explained with a beautiful example. 

  9. Very helpful tutorial – thanks!

  10. ok i know this has nothing to do with the tutorial (useful btw) but he looks like Harry Potter´s big brother.

  11. cynthiabeeofficial

    thank you, very helpful!!

  12. Thank you for all your episodes.  Brilliant work!  
    My frustration is that I was in a restaurant, low lighting, they didn't want flashes going off and people wanted their picture taken. I needed to be within 3 feet of them and needed to capture at least a 6 foot wide range that is crisp, clear, no noise etc.  The photographer that was there told me the lens he was using and I lost where I wrote it down. Grrrr…. I really need the same lens he was using to match up with my Canon 7D. I have to shoot in the same conditions this weekend.  I really need to know what the top lenses that would work in that kind of environment AND do i shoot in AV, TV, Manual, P or? to get the best out of the lens and the settings.
    THANK YOU, THANK YOU, if you can please advise.  
    Thank you!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Great explanations! Thank you!!

  14. Thank you this video was very helpful

  15. whers the next tutorial?

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  17. Hi Bro! i liked your tutorial. keep the good work! i would like to order for Canon EOS 70D. since i am a beginner to DSLR photography. could you please advice me?

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