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Canon EOS – Getting Started: Depth of Field Photography

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  1. Great tutorials. Very helpful and communicated very well. Thanks

  2. Nice.
    Thank you


  4. DOF is not just affected by the f-number, but even more by the distance to the subject or the focal length.

  5. Is an Extreme depth of field same as deep?

  6. I cant find how to get the setting onto F2 it only starts from F5.0 …any advice ?

  7. Minlunlal Stanley

    Thanks for the great video for beginners like me in DSLR camera….Keep up the Good work

  8. Really Good demonstration for Beginers…Thanks 

  9. thanks for the video, my problem is when i set the aperture(f-stop) say 3.5,it changes when i zoom. Is there any way I can lock that aperture to attain a better D.o.p thanks

  10. Zainul Setyo Pamungkas

    Thanks!! It really helpful

  11. Thanks!! Very helpful for beginners like me!

  12. Does this work in video mode (canon eos 600d)

  13. Very concise and extremely helpful to any person using a Canon EOS Camera for the first time. Clearly Explains the basics of using the different settings and use of the mode dial. Brilliant Tutorials.

  14. Great Tutorial, helped me undrstand a lot about my camera!! i will keep practicing!!

  15. change your aperture to F22, or higher if your lens allows, that will bring everything into focus from close to far away If there's bright sun you won't have to slow your shutter or bump your ISO up very much to compensate.

  16. Wow! Awesome tutorials. Well that makes me very happy. Thank you so much!

  17. wow that was a lot of information My dslr seems a little bit more user-friendly now

  18. I was just thinking how the F number system was confusing when the egg example was brought up. Great help!

  19. and what technique do you use using software?

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