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Canon EOS – Chris Bray Creative Tutorial: Canon DSLR Lenses

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  1. None of the cameras you just mentioned are rebels.. They do have the crop but the rebels are the 500d/550d/600d/650d/700d

  2. I am using my dslr to film cars on a racetrack.
    On my first try i noticed how the autofocus is constantly adjusting itself.
    Is there a way (other lens, other settings?) to have a constant focus even when diffrent cars pass by?

  3. Amazing Video 😀

  4. Link to the next vid?

  5. Great Video! I just bought a Canon Cl VL AF Macro CL 8-120mm f1.4-2.1 VLAF Video Macro Lens but I wonder if I need a lens converter for it. I have a Canon T3i.

  6. Wow, very simply explained.

  7. AceHunter Radium II

    Hi, i have the T4i Rebel (650D) and i want to make a movie could you please suggest a good lens that fit? thans!

  8. Would these give the same effect when shooting video from the camera?

  9. canon 50mm f1.4 is compatible for any canon camera also and canon 70-200 f2.8

  10. Just the Canon 70-300…. I own it its great!

  11. Hi.. I want to Buy a telephoto lens for my Canon 550D
    I am thinking of buying 70-300mm. My main purpose is Wildlife photography like BIRDS, etc..
    But the other condition is that my budget is pretty low so I want the cheapest one. I saw that 70-300mm lens has different costs and i dont want to go for Tamron
    Please Suggest the cheapest and best quality Telephoto

  12. abdurhman alsharari

    Thank you man .I start loving you hhh .thank you so much for trying to help people

  13. abdurhman alsharari

    I have 1100d canon.is it a nice camera.and another question are all these lenses suitable for my 1100d canon.or every camera has its won lenses

  14. I am new here. Can anyone help me because I am wondering if these lenses are compatible to any CANON camera.

  15. Just be careful that if you have any of the rebel cameras, 40D, 50D, 60D, or 7D… Your lens will be multiplied by 1.6 which makes it 112-480 which is a great zoom lens but won't be suitable for all kind of photography as you mentioned… In other words, it won't be suitable for indoor photos…

  16. Hello there, I don't know if you are still looking for the 70-300 mm but here are some tips… Go to dpreview website, under lenses tab, select canon… It will give you all the lenses that Canon manufacture, locate the range you want to buy and then click on the small plus sign to add them to the compare bar located at the bottom of the page… Read the comparison which also will include a link to know the price on Amazon which will include sample galleries as well…

  17. thank u for this short n very helpful video,,,

  18. Good morning! Have you thought about photo sfxart tricks (do a search on google)? My buddy Christina made some incredible pics with their video tutorials.

  19. GREAT VID !! so helpful !

  20. Marlon Nacianceno

    hi guys, i found this five star 1:8 f 500mm telephoto lens. can i use this in a DSLR? like 600D or 550D. or is there any adapter that i can buy so that i can make fit? thanks…

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