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Canon EOS 600D DSLR Camera Review

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  1. can you change the focus yourself on this camera?

  2. Keceee👅

  3. i have a 600D camera and i still love it until now 😘😍

  4. mantap bro,,

  5. Is this touchscreen?

  6. Thanks for your answer, i already bought this camera, and i'm really happy with it 🙂 now i'm thinking of buying a tamron 17-200mm lens xD

  7. Subhasis Mukherjee

    Yes, it does. Every EF lens can do this job except some high end zooms. They have push-pull mechanism.

  8. sourabh shrivastava

    which camera use for this video

  9. 1080 full HD.

  10. 5000Egyptian pounds in RadioShack and Computer Shop.

  11. A little question, i'm a beginner, and well i want to buy a camera, this one looks pretty good, i just want to know, i've seen images of this camera, adn i've seen that the lens is a little short, and has only one weel in a matter of speech, i just want to know, this lens allows me to control the focus manually? in a normal way, i mean, moving a weel in the lens? sorry if this question is stupid, i've never hold this camera in my hands and i just want to get clear about this doubt… thanks!

  12. Very good video, i have been waiting to get one of these for EVER!!!

  13. Augustus Benedict Benedicto

    I bought mine, last January, for 37,000php. Canon branch at SM North. I think it's cheaper now.

  14. how much is this?? in Rupiah (indonesia)

  15. search for Canon T3i, it is the same 🙂

  16. I just wanna get the 600D but I lived in the USA Cant find it here. all websites send me Europe. Need help to find it in the USA

  17. how's the video quality?

  18. If you're in Jakarta, you can get one at Ratu Plaza for around 5,500,000 or something like that 🙂

  19. Got this yesterday, $600AUD well spent :')

  20. Jonathan Christopher

    6,4 jt an

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