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BEST Point and Shoot CAMERA 2015

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  1. ‫علي العراقي‬‎

    $ ؟

  2. Does this shoot raw?

  3. PETER | EverythingsFr0mAndroid |Tech & G@ming

    Hi Karl, Can u do a review on the Nikon S9900 camera, is it good for vlogging? Thanks

  4. Well, that's a nice haircut.

  5. Are there any of the same quality that allows for external mic's?

  6. Does this support RAW files? Also does it have auto focus when shooting videos and what is Zebra?

  7. all sony products are over priced and rated

  8. Just because the mark iv is out doesn't mean Sony will make the mark iii any cheaper. It is still 800 on Amazon

  9. i was always looking for some good compact dslr alike solution in a portable manner, i guess this is it, i hope to buy it soon

  10. what about the a5100 or a6000

  11. How much is this 

  12. Pic looks amazing! Thanks for yr info

  13. The RX100 M3 is way better value for money over the new RX100 M4. Who care about 4k video on a camera. If you want to film then you buy a camcorder.

  14. Can you please share your opinion on getting a good camera for taking sport pictures. My budget is $500.00 and I need to take pics of my son playing football.

  15. Hey! What are your thoughts on the nikon coolpix s7000? I'm thinking of buying it not for taking videos but for taking photos.

  16. It has been known for a while now that If you press the 'on' button at the same time as you push down the viewfinder the camera will stay on.

  17. What camera did u use to shoot this video? It has a nice depth of field effect. 

  18. Great review! If anyone is looking to sell a rx iii message me!

  19. Eehhhhhmmmm PANASONIC LX 100? 

  20. How would you compare the image quality of this to the Sony HX90V camera?

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