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Best DSLR for Beginners

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  1. hello,sorry i need your help.Which is better and should i buy? canon 100d,nikon d3300 or pentax k500? especially for the quality of the images .I'm so confused!Thanks some much!

  2. Great advice and the way you explain technicalities is calm and informative I learnt some facts already from just this one video of yours. Thanks for a great job!!

  3. is there a video settings for sony @330??

  4. where is the Lumix?

  5. +Rick Davis Which should i buy? Canon EOS 700D or Nikon D5200?

  6. What's all the prices for all of the them?

  7. which camera would be good for me if I'm a beginner but looking to use it for photography and to record my YouTube videos but still affordable

  8. T3?! That's ancient! Get the T6i. 24MP

  9. I have a Sony Alpha a58. I'm quite happy with it, but i think it might be time for a new lens. any suggestions for which lens should i buy? It originally comes with a 18-55mm lens.

  10. Canon is simply the BEST

  11. Love it! Amazing channel! Can't wait to watch what else you guys come out with.

  12. Canon is the better choice among these four without any doubt.

  13. I've never used a camera in my life and when i have my pictures were pretty rubbish got any advice on which camera is the cheapest and best for me??

  14. so nikon D3200 or sony a58 ?

  15. Which is the best for taking pictures 

  16. Your video is understandable and well summarized , it helped me and I appreciate , thank you  .
    I had a Canon 1100D ( T3 ) and use now a Sony A58 . The Sony has qualities ( quick autofocus and good image quality ) but the construction quality is quite cheap  compared to Canon .
    Finally I prefer by far Canon .

  17. Wonderful Explanation, people need to learn from you how to make informative video for the masses.

  18. I would choose canon 8000d

  19. Great video 

  20. Which is better for film makers? Nikon D5100 or Canon 600D

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