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Beginner Food Photography “The Basics”

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  1. Malinda Thennakoon

    Whats the best Nikon lens for food photography including macro closeups & also full dish shots…?

  2. cuisine de Halima

    Merci tres bonne chaine et plein de chose intéressante

  3. Light is my biggest problem. Lets face it when do we most of our special meals? For me it is usually night time. So I do miss a lot of photos that I wish I could have taken.

    As to what to focus on that depends upon what you want to accomplish. Are you shooting some thing artistic, commercial or just plain fun. A shot for a nutella ad you would focus on the nutella, for a banana ad you would focus on the sandwich. For something fun you could do either or the nutella dripping off the knife.

  4. Thinking you should have used a wider aperture and focused on the sandwich while having the nutella visible but slightly blurred in the background. I also think natural light is best but like you said, it's not always available. Especially so if you shoot food mainly at night.

  5. Thank you. I do need to make a few more of these to help people get started.

  6. Great informational video! Thank you James!

  7. You have scoliosis, man.

  8. Actually I was shooting this for tumblr. I assumed Nutella would get more shares than a sandwich. It did quite a few shares. But what to focus on is a great topic.

  9. It helps

  10. food fetish?

  11. That is two areas I think I will always be working on. Most of the time when I am taking food photo's I am in a hurry which is a mistake. But even with daily life and a demanding job I am getting better. I took a really nice shot this weekend that I am very happy with. You can see it on my Flickr account (I have the same user name). It is a photo of Korean Spicy Stir Fried Octopus – Nakji Bokkeum.

  12. mohamed abdel-hady

    u do know the basics but i think u needed better composition also when you used the dslr u focused on the nutella jar not the sandwich itself which is the main theme here

  13. wow nice! what kind of camera do you have?*(larger one) thanks 🙂

  14. I am back, and shooting more videos.

    Thanks for noticing!

    Thanks but I leave again soon.

  15. are you back to the states? more videos again hurray.
    you lost a lot of weight..
    welcome back

  16. Thank you. I have to limit how many hobbies I have. But this is one that will work no matter where I am traveling to.

  17. nice! I like it, it's nice when people have different hobbies altogether..like me :D..good one!

  18. Your welcome I do plan to post more food photography tips.

  19. It is one of my hobbies.I post a lot of food pics on Flickr.

  20. This is very helpful! Thanks. 😀

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