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Beauty Dish vs Softbox: A Studio Lighting Tutorial

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  1. If cash is not an issue, should you purchase the largest beauty dish you can find for your strobe or do you have a preferred size? I have my eyes on a 28"

  2. I just wanted to say thank you for all of the information that you offer, I have learned a great deal from it. I just ordered your book and I'm excited to read it. I also hope that Paul C. Buff and Amazon give you some incentives, as they both just made a fair amount of money based on what I've watched on your  videos! Thank you again.

  3. is it me or are the photos mostly out of focus?

  4. great job

  5. "I'd rather focus a Sony" lolz

  6. Best explanation and demonstration of the difference between these two modifiers I've found. Thank you very much for taking the time to share this with us.

  7. i didnt found this beauty disc on ebay

  8. Good explanation for Beauty dish and softbox.

  9. A lot of people don't realize how versatile the beauty dish really is. It's great for male portraits; it's great for products where I can turn the light in or out, using the umbra and penumbra of the light. Use it to wash the background, to focus right on the subject, or to use only the edge of the light. It's one of my favorite tools, where the softbox spreads/scatters the light just too much, too evenly.

  10. I've noticed Chelsea is always looking off camera, as though she is distracted. There must be a Monitor screen that is drawing her attention away, whereas Tony always keeps eye contact with the camera. 

  11. Thanks for the video. I like both because their use are different.

  12. John Michael Kearney

    They picked one of the most difficult softboxes to handle. I've used a couple of rectangular boxes and they were a snap to set up, plus they produced awesome portraits.

  13. You made putting together and raising that softbox look WAY harder than it is! I understand that a beauty dish might easier to set up, but those softboxes aren't the nightmare they appear to be here.

  14. light meter name?

  15. It seems that NO ONE is aware of brolly style umbrellas. They have a black back and a single diffuser on the front that has an opening that the moonlight or flash head is firing into. They do not scatter light all over the place the way standard umbrellas do and control the light the same way softboxes do except that grids cannot be put on the brollys – but really, how often do you need grids on a softbox. They are more efficient than softboxes because the light is reflected off the interior surface of the umbrella, bounced forward and then goes through only ONE diffuser which does double duty of not letting the light escape out all over the room. To get the same quality of light from a softbox the light must go through TWO diffusers and their is still a center hot spot on the diffuser. A few very expensive softboxes solve this problem with modified density diffusers. Brolly umbrellas do not have this problem because ALL the light is bounced and there is NO direct light from the flash tube going forward. The umbrella's interior surface can be white, normal silver or mylar silver (Paul Buff's extreme silver for example)The outer diffuser panel can be permanently attached or slipped on after opening it up, depending on the brand. The brollys set up just like an umbrella (very fast) and take up the same space as an umbrella – no speedrings needed. I have used both and done correct comparisons. You try them.

  16. New subbie

  17. I personally prefer the softbox across the board. AND, they come in MUCH smaller sizes, a 20-24" softbox without diffuser is actually lighter and easier to transport.

  18. Did you use any light at the background at 0:34?

  19. Great tutorial as always! One Question and I know its not gonna be the same but … could you shoot the beatuy dish through a large umbrella to get a resulat similar to a softbox look?

  20. Hi,

    For beauty shots (makeup) which one would you pick if you want the makeup to show as best as possible?

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