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Basic Camera Settings For Sports Photography Part 1

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  1. Thanks for the great video! I am one of those sideline mom's trying to take pics of my high school football player and I own a Canon Rebel T2, my zoom lens is a 75-300 mm. What settings would you suggest I use? We have pretty bright lights on our field, some of my pics are too bright, some are not, and I do get some blurry action shots.
    I would seriously appreciate your input!

  2. matt schilmoeller

    I just bought a Canon 50d because i am running my own sports blog and i am hoping to become a sports journalist my question is as i mentioned i bought a Canon 50d with a 28 -135 mm lens what would i need to have the settings on for shooting say a football game at night ?

  3. Amazing video! Help me a lot! I recently purchased a Canon 6D with Sigma 150-600mm Contemporary
    & I wonder, what Camera Settings I should use for Aviation photography?

  4. Lina-Maria Schön

    Seth, I am so freaking thankful for this introduction to basic camera settings. I really consider myself an untrained and very intuitive photographer. I learned tons. THANK YOU!

  5. great video!

  6. Thx bro, finally someone who explains it thoroughly yet keeps it simple. ty

  7. Great information. Some of it is a little more than I understand but I did gather a lot of new information. I have the Canon PowerShot SX50 HS. I am a soccer and baseball mom. I have always used the sports setting and continuous shooting. After watching your video I will be using manual but my aperture will only go down to 3.5. Can you recommend some basic settings for soccer and baseball games? Most are all shot in the direct sunlight. Also, what SD card do you recommend. I currently have a 4GB. Thank you!

  8. Seth, thank you for taking the time to explain the importantance of each parameter. I just purchases a 50mm 1.8 Prime lens from Cannon and I am hoping this will help with my daugther's indoor Volleyball games. Last year I took a lot of pics on Sport Mode and just like you said I had to weed out alot because of blurriness. I honestly have never used the Manual Mode because I like to take continueous shots. So again thank you. I hope this year will result in alot of better pics.

  9. Hm, I don't know what to think. In the beginning you talk about amateurs like parents asking how to improve their sports photography and then you lead the to M mode which I think not a lot of people are used to and the final conclusion seems to be that you need to buy better (professional) gear… I would have thought that you would explain how to get more out of your current equipment and for amateurs using Av and Tv might be a good start before moving to M…

  10. Scott S. diVincenzo

    The first thing you do is not do that 

  11. I have a 70-300 and the lowest it will go is F4.0.  About where should I start  the ISO?  It will be for softball outside.

  12. great video , simple to understand . i have a mark 4 and the 70-200 l 11 lens . jumping in to sports photography

  13. your video footage is excellent quality how did u get it that way

  14. Great video! Theres an airshow coming up this summer and i am already getting ready, i wont be able to get a 2.8 lens because it is $5,000 which is waaaaaaay over budget, i guess 4.8 should do for now, In mid july it should be real sunny hopefully.

  15. Very informative! Thank you!! Just bought the Canon EOS 70D. My daughter plays club volleyball indoor, in your opinion will this camera suffice in getting great un-blurred action shots? Your info on manual shooting was quite helpful and I think I have the tools to produce great photos. I do have the Canon 70-200mm Ultrasonic zoom lens with f2.8. Any tips appreciated. Thanks again Seth!!

  16. Hello Seth. I just got that camera and i like the display screen you have. How do i get my manual screen look like yours?

  17. Thank you for the information and tutorials! It's always good to learn from the pros!

  18. For Nikon it's aperture priority and shutter priority. Glad I found this video,  I plan to start shooting more sports next year.

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